D Datasheet, D PDF, D Data sheet, D manual, D pdf, D, 2SD, NPN TRIPLE DIFFUSED(PLANAR SILICON TRANSISTOR). D datasheet, 2SD, D pdf, D data sheet search for integrated circuits from , (resistors, capacitors, transistors, diodes). Silicon NPN Transistor. Color TV Horizontal Deflection Output w/Damper Diode. Applications: D Color TV Horizontal Deflection Output. D Color Display.

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The current gain of transistors is notoriously difficult to specify. Careful examination of the application will enable this to be verified.

2SD Datasheet(PDF) – Wing Shing Computer Components

Look at the components in the circuit transistor d1555 datasheet the function of the circuit. Sometimes it is very easy to find out the parameters of a particular transistor adtasheet it may be possible to find them on the Internet or in a transistor data book.

If this is the case, it is necessary to re-visit the way in which the choice of the replacement datashfet was made and see if any mistakes were made or look transistor d1555 datasheet other parameters that may affect the operation of the transistor circuit.

These can be progressed in a logical order to narrow down the choice and enable the best alternative for the replacement transistor to be made. The circuit will be designed around a particular voltage drop. Select the same functional type of transistor: This may appear to be transistor d1555 datasheet obvious question, but occasionally some devices may appear to be a transistor at first sight.

It is necessary to ensure that the replacement transistor can handle the power that it will dissipate within the circuit. Possible application types may include: Either the type of transistor may not be to hand, or it transistor d1555 datasheet not be available. This explanation is focussed on bipolar transistors, but it is possible to apply similar logic to field effect transistors to ensure that suitable replacements can be found.


Is it transistor d1555 datasheet transistor? There is a huge number of transistor types available, and the specifications of many types of transistor overlap, making the choice of a replacement transistor quite easy in many instances. The replacement should have the same application if possible.

Other devices may also appear in what may appear to be transistor packages at first transistor d1555 datasheet. Select a replacement transistor with equivalent Ft: Although they are slightly different, for all circuit equivalences of this nature these dwtasheet parameters are the same. An idea of the maximum voltage can be gained from the circuit in which it is used.

Step by step instructions: In most cases it will operate satisfactorily, but transisyor there may be a problem. When considering any possible replacement transistors, it is necessary to transistor d1555 datasheet at a variety of parameters.

2SD2499 Datasheet, Equivalent, Cross Reference Search

It is necessary to ensure that the current gain of the replacement transistor is about the same as the original. It is best to be more cautious with these packages. High power transistors often offer lower gains – older transistor d1555 datasheet transistor types transistor d1555 datasheet be as low as 20 – 50, whereas the smaller transistors may offer gains anywhere between 50 and Transistors have many packages.


Other types are normally only used in very specialist applications.

Put in the correct type and it may not perform well. Most transistors will either be germanium or silicon.

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When looking for suitable transistor replacements it is necessary to look at the main specifications for the transistor. Ensuring with pin-out is the same most but not all transistors have their leads in order – Transistor d1555 datasheet will save many problems with fitting.

It is quite likely that a similar one may be available to datsheet, or transistor d1555 datasheet from a local stockist.

Also the package may give an indication of other parameters. This is particularly true for specialised circuits where some specific performance features may be critical.

Transistors are normally datashset an indication of transistor d1555 datasheet application in the datasheets. When looking for datasheey suitable transistor replacement some of the basic transistor parameters that need to be considered transistor d1555 datasheet the following:. Don’t go for a transistor with a much higher Ft as this may increase the risk of oscillation. It is transistor d1555 datasheet to transostor what type the transistor is because there is a difference in the base emitter forward bias voltage drop.

Picking a replacement transistor When choosing a suitable replacement transistor for use within an electronic circuit, there are several stages that must be considered when making the choice.