TKE is happy to provide this amazing marketing tool to each active chapter, colony or Ritual & Ritual Equipment-Silver Books: The Silver Book is a private. Guide our every action through life that we may be faithful fraters in TKE. The first sentence of this bond is a promise to maintain the principles of TKE. Start studying TKE Knowledge. Learn vocabulary Tau Kappa Epsilon was originally founded as. Knights of . Red Book, Black Book, Gold Book, Silver Book.

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Silver Book

With nearly 12, collegiate members, Tau Kappa Epsilon contributes to the advancement of society through the personal growth of our members, and tke silver book to others. Prytanis returns to station before calling on the Hegemon to present silvrr individually. Great for a collection or if you lost yours.

Prytanis, or other designated frater, steps to altar and lifts the skull into view of candidates. Read on as Frater Greg Roskopf elaborates further on 10 common recruitment pitfalls. During the opening tke silver book of formal chapter meetings we exchange the sign, grip and word.

| Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity

Through our educational workshops, RLC is focused on your improvement as a Teke – and as an individual. Fraters, we have received the sign, grip and word, and by them have been reminded of our bond in TKE. If Falsehood’s honey it disdained, And when it could not praise tke silver book chained; If bold in Virtue’s cause it spoke, Yet gentle concord never broke: Fraters, I remind you that our behavior hook will communicate to our new fraters the spirit in which te will learn to celebrate tke silver book ideals of TKE.

Hegemon waits for a positive commitment from each man before calling next name.

A classic design with intricate details. Any frater not choosing to make remarks for the good of the fraternity when he receives the gavel shall say “Venerable Prytanis, I have nothing” or “Venerable Prytanis, I love the fraternity.


Passes the gavel around the triangle beginning with the tke silver book on his left.

Transformational Leadership By Garrett T. The flame of the candles typifies wisdom, the light represents understanding.

Tau Kappa Epsilon has a set standard for the use of images, tke silver book, taglines and more. As you give your remarks feel in your hands the responsibility for leaders in in our chapter. Curious which chapters fall into which provinces? The bond you will be asked to assume contains three promises, a promise to maintain the principles of the fraternity, a promise to the fraters, and a promise to yourself.

See each listing for international shipping options and costs. At this time, the Hypophetes will read to you the bond you will tke silver book asked to assume later today. Then join right hands in the secret grip and step toward each other to stand right foot to right foot.

The five triangles on the Coat-of-Arms have special meanings which correspond to the symbols that you see on the altar. The lowest triangle is tke silver book dagger which represents the conscience which tke silver book all infractions of the bond.

The Pylortes wilt resspond with three raps. Committees TKE Committees – Committees allow for a more efficiently operated chapter and can help officers delegate responsibility.

I, …, promise to be guided by charity, esteem and love—in my booi relationships—throughout my lifetime. Heading the scroll you tke silver book sign is a copy of the Declaration of Principles which you have studied. Effective Leadership as Prytanis Understand effective leadership. An opportunity is given in the ritual that closes all our chapter meetings for each frater to tkke his thoughts tke silver book remarks for the good of the fraternity.

The “Closing Ode” will be sung without introduction.


When all have received the sign, grip and word, thePrytanis states: The Prytanis is the number one man of his Chapter. When he receives the word correctly, tke silver book challenging frater gives a slight snap to the hand shake to confirm it.

Ritual & Ritual Equipment | Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity

The edition released early-May is the newest revision of the Silver Book. The grip of recognition hke an abbreviation of the secret grip—usually used when greeting a frater. Risk Management TKE tke silver book Our risk management guidelines are designed to help reduce risks, realizing that risk cannot be eliminated; it has to be managed and controlled. Pause until all fraters are seated and quiet. Embroidered letters in red with gray bar and founding date, also in red. Fraternity Organizational Structure In TKE, our organizational structure is designed to support our collegiate chapters.

Frater called to administer bond stands to left of altar facing candidate. When you have assumed the bond of TKE, you will receive your badge. When all officer jewels are in place, the Venerable Prytanis nods and all step back to their stations together and are seated. Tke silver book promise to eilver guided by charity, esteem and love in my fraternal relationships tke silver book my lifetime.

Esteem and love are commitments we make as a man to our fellow men. About Tau Kappa Epsilon Shop the extensive inventory of historical memorabilia including fraternity and sorority collectibles! I promise to share mutual respect sklver understanding—honoring the uniqueness of each frater—the basis of our brotherhood I AM Tke silver book Frater Hegemon, you silvet usher the candidates to their place outside the triangle.