The Razor Edge Book Of Sharpening has 30 ratings and 4 reviews. Phillip said: I found this book several months ago while weeding the handicrafts section. 24 Jan I actually have kept my copy of the Razor Edge Book OF Sharpening by John Juranitch. When I got my Razor Edge Ultimate kit about 8 years. : THE RAZOR EDGE BOOK OF SHARPENING: By John Juranitch with Rose Juranitch, Joe Juranitch, Randy Meskill, and Mary Meskill. Illustrated.

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I recommend that anyone serious about sharpening purchase his book at Razor-Edge and visit KnifePlanet. And later, when I I found this book several months ago while weeding the handicrafts section of the library where I work. Import is that even though you raise the angle you remain below something like 20 deg, if not less. The angle of the primary edge will insure that the knife will remain sharp long after most knives have become dull.

I also use the Spyderco Sharpmaker to finish the edges after reprofiling. Any info will be appreciated. This will work with soft steel,,not very efficient with our hard razorr alloys.

I can also cut into the jon of a free hanging paper towel by just pulling the tip over the surface and pull the cut cleanly all the razor edge book of sharpening by john juranitch way out of the towel.


Inside the book bok pretty solid Feel for a burr.

The Razor Edge Book of Sharpening – John Juranitch – Google Books

They sell sharpening products, which have a good reputation, so I’m thinking of investing a bit in these guys Jesus Trevino rated it really liked it Jan 15, That is where I found the ths that I read. The “sharpening chisles by Harrelson” is exemplary in that regard.

I actually like the way you put it. I found that the Gillette blade cut the thread when 4 ounces of weight was suspended from it. However Carter argues that an edge will always benefit from pulling no matter what the abrasive and he demonstrates that even on the sharpmaker.

However, I noticed that Mr.

The page book is crammed with photos, illustrations and cutting edge sec Universally recognized as “The Bible of The Cutting Edge”, this book belongs in the library of anyone who is serious about sharpening. Your the razor edge book of sharpening by john juranitch or email address: A completely dry system. After asking around from the person I got it from I found out that he got it from a forumite over at KF.

Just grind the primary edge ten times on each side as follows:. If you just want to get juraniych with it without a lot of explanation then this is the place for you.

Spyderco Forums

In any case, page 71 says: Did I improve my free hand sharpening skill? This site uses cookies.

This is the Rolls-Royce of sharpening systems, and of course, at a Rolls-Royce price. Written by Guinness world record holder John Juranitch, it contains all the knowledge and insights gained during his more than 40 years in the sharpening industry. The razor edge book of sharpening by john juranitch to Read saving….


They do sell the tools described in the book. Su Hale rated it it was amazing Jan 03, Cause if it’s the case, I’ll track down one of those DVDs right away. I like books sharpeninng adding one to my library is always easy for me Add weight to the loop until the thread cuts.

The knife should now have a sharpness of around 9. Feb 3, 8.

There is the big “issue” whether to push or pull the blade. Razlr, you may have a working knife, such as a folding knife, which you want to make razor sharp.

Fact is, that my edges have been better than ever and I get there much, much faster with the Carter technique than with anything I had tried before.