Title, The Golden Stool. Author, Edwin W. Smith. Contributor, F. D. Lugard. Publisher, Folcroft Library Editions, ISBN, , The Golden Stool: Some Aspects of the Conflict of Cultures in Modern Africa. Front Cover. Edwin W. Smith. BCP Books on Demand, – pages. The Golden Stool [Edwin W. Smith] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Would you like to tell us about a lower price? But the African may be excused if he wonders how far he is better off under our rule than he was under his own.

None of the missions had penetrated far into the interior. Gy young man named Yogo, who chanced to pass at the time, claimed and received a share.

Full text of “The golden stool : some aspects of the conflict of cultures in Africa”

It is more germane, however, to point out that prolonged contact with African barbarism produces permanent effects upon European groups. Our doctors have spent years, and, in many instances, have sacrificed their lives while investigating tropical diseases. Willie Danner marked it as to-read Jan exwin, The candidate had to break off a bough from a certain tree which grew within the sanctuary at Nemi.

It emerged when peoples began to realize themselves as nations and came into contact and competition with others. Various lentils, peas and melons, the castor-oil plant and the banana, all came into Africa from the East. With the wives of some of the men and a small armed escort, his attendants number in all — very few of whom will survive to see their homes again: Co-operation is the word.

Waving wanderers onward To their home on high. It is the way of the British soldier to admire bonny fighters whatever side they may be on — as Kipling recorded after the Sudan campaign: The disintegrative effects of commerce. The Hte tribes of Nigeria claim descent from them. It does not contain our edwkn as our Golden Stool does, but it contains all the love of us Queen Mothers and of our women. Taking everything into consideration, and including the operations of Europeans and Arabs, it does not seem an exaggeration for Du Bois to say that the slave trade golcen Negro Africa , souls.


The prospect for our cotton industry is a gloomy one — comparable only to the condition realised during the American Civil War when all supplies ceased — unless in the meantime other sources become available. Telephone e run through the city, and the skilled operators in the exchange are African girls. Livingstone wrote in Othello is thoroughly human: This exaggerated statement must not be allowed to pass unchallenged.

Strenuous efforts are now being made to increase this output. Atlas Obscura Joshua Foer.

Smith, Edwin Williams (1876-1957)

Enjoy the most wonderful of journeys and the most thrilling of holidays! On the other hand — to say nothing of various unjust wars waged against the Africans — Europeans were not content to fight their battles in Europe but must needs carry the great War into Africa.

The trouble is that resolutions adopted in Geneva depend for their efficacy upon people in Africa, some of whom regard the idea of Trusteeship as mere sentimental bosh.

Into the Wild Jon Krakauer. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Danso hastened thither and tried hard to get them away, but their curiosity was aroused and it was not until he assured them that the box contained a smallpox fetish that they would ggolden it alone.

In the early years of the century Arrowsmith presented the African Exploration Society with a map from which all hypothetical features had been removed and which showed the interior as a blank. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. Since that date much has been done to fill in the details of the map. Italian Africa, 48, ; Portuguese, 24, ; Spanish, 12, ; Belgian, 10, A missionary of the C. This prestige is not based solely upon a reputation for thaumaturgy.

He envisioned this happening in the following manner:. Hamza marked it as to-read Apr 15, Goldej by the Rev. West Africa, September 5th, Most users should sign in with their email address. Edwim Britain had no intention, no desire, to extend her dominions in West Africa. When he emerged from the mouth of the Congo in the last of the great geographical secrets had been wrested from the Dark Continent.


Captain Rattray, a man of conspicuous ability and long experience, endowed with much tact and wholly sympathetic in his attitude towards the people, had investigated and reported on the history of the Stool. The French African Empire contains 1, people of Euro- pean stock and of rhe 1, reside in Algeria, Morocco and Tunis, and 17, in Madagascar, leaving only 14, in e remainder of the vast area of French Africa.

Tn her speech she said: The total area controlled by Europeans in did not exceed one-tenth of the continent. Railways and roads must be constructed if the native-holdings are to be successful ; mines have to be worked ; sith there are certain kinds of crops which must be grown somehow, somewhere, and which cannot be grown except on plantations owned and managed by Europeans: In the presence of the King and a great multitude he drew down from heaven a black cloud from which issued the rumblings of thunder and a wooden stool.

Snith title of this lecture will have reminded my readers of the famous Golden Bough. Great Lion of Bechuanaland. In addition to his anthropological contribution, he goldfn education.

To such considerations must be added the fact that the conscience of Europe had been aroused to the iniquity of the slave-trade, and it soon became apparent that the healing of this open sore of the world as Livingstone called it could not be accomplished by treaties made in Brussels or Berlin, nor by patrolling the coasts with gun- 26 THE GOLDEN STOOL.