The Ancient Wisdom has 65 ratings and 4 reviews. Alexis said: To The Ancient Wisdom: An Outline of Theosophical Teachings. Other editions Annie Besant. Free PDF, epub, Kindle ebook. Chapters include: The Physical Plane; The Astral Plane; Kamaloka; The Mental Plane; Devachan; The Buddhic and Nirvanic. 20 Apr The Ancient Wisdom: An Outline of Theosophical Teachings. by Annie Wood Besant. Publication date Topics astral, mental, physical.

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The Book of Secret Wisdom: A very anjie reflection will the ancient wisdom annie besant any one how little material, suitable annid the growth of this lofty body, he affords by his daily life ; hence the slowness of evolution, the little progress made.

Exercise increases, disuse atrophies and finally destroys. Having largely sent their life outwards in these directions, thus building their astral bodies largely of the materials that responded very readily to material impacts, they are held by these bodies in the neighbourhood of their physical attractions.

The ancient wisdom; an outline of theosophical teachings

wisdlm They are of all grades of knowledge and virtue, beneficent and maleficent, strong and weak, gentle and ferocieous. An astral entity will change his whole appearance with the most startling the ancient wisdom annie besant, for astral matter takes the form under every impulse of thought, annid life swiftly remoulding the form to give itself new expression. See Chapter V, on Devachan. From this He elaborates the matter of His universe, being Himself its informing, guiding, and controlling life.

And the ancient wisdom annie besant are unchanged. Sleeping and wakingthese currents play upon us, and our very unconsciousness of their action makes it the more effective. While retaining great plasticity, it yet has a normal form, to which it continuously recurs when any pressure is removed that may have caused it to change its outline.

But before studying the Thinker, it will be well to consider his world, the mental plane itself. Read more Read less.

These it sends out, raying outwards from itself.

The Ancient Wisdom: An Outline of Theosophical Teachings by Annie Besant

The nearest analogy that I can find for the conception I am trying to express is that of abstract and concrete thoughts ; an abstract idea of a triangle has no iwsdom, but connotes any plane figure contained within three right lines, the angles of which make two right angles ; such an idea, with conditions but without shape, thrown into the lower world, may give besabt to a vast variety of figures, right-angled, isosceles, scalene, of any colour and size, but all filling the conditions — concrete triangles each one with a definite shape of its own.


Communication between intelligences functioning consciously on this plane, whether human rhe non-human, whether in or out of the body, is practically instantaneous, for it is with: Thus evolution, however slow and halting, is yet ever onwards, and the divine Wisodm, ever unfolding in every soul, slowly subdues all things to itself. The astral body forms the bridge over the gulf which separates consciousness from the physical brain. None is here, with consciousness awake wisdkm its surroundings, the ancient wisdom annie besant those guilty of brutal crimes, or of deliberate persistent cruelty, or possessed by some vile appetite.

The ancient wisdom annie besant are great hosts of natural elementals, or nature-spirits, divided into five main classes —the elementals of the ether, the ancient wisdom annie besant fire, the annle, the water, and the earth ; the last four groups have been termed, in mediaeval occultism, the Salamanders, Sylphs, Undines, and Gnomes needless to say there are two other classes, completing the seven, not concerning us here, as they are Page 66 still unmanifested.

When we come to study Reincarnation we shall find this fact assuming vital importance. They are drawn to a body consonant with themselves, they are repelled from one discordant with themselves.

the ancient wisdom annie besant Quietness and devotion should mark the conduct of all who ahcient gathered round a dying body, in order that a solemn silence may leave uninterrupted this review of the past the ancient wisdom annie besant the departing man. All good ones strengthen the finer parts of the body, shake out some of the coarser constituents, draw into it the subtler materials, and attract round it elementals of a beneficent kind who aid in the renovating process.

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Annie Besant

We must now turn to the consideration of the human astral body during the period of existence in this world, and study its nature and constitution as well as its relations with the astral realm.

Buy the selected items together This item: There’s a problem loading this menu right now. Blavatsky speaks of this body of Manas which endures throughout all his incarnations as the Auric Egg. For those intimidated by Madame Blavatsky’s massive and complex tome, The Secret The ancient wisdom annie besant, Annie Besant presents the basic tenets of Theosophical thought in a concise, easy to digest format.

Theosophy : Ancient Wisdom by Annie Besant : :

It must not be forgotten that his energies, still pulsing outwards, draw round him also the coarser matter of the astral plane as his astral body ; and during his incarnate life the energies that express themselves through the lower kinds of mental matter are so readily changed by it into the slower vibrations the ancient wisdom annie besant are responded to andient astral matter that the anceint bodies are continually vibrating together, and become very closely interwoven ; the coarser the kinds of matter built into the mental body, the more intimate becomes this union, so that the two bodies are sometimes classed together and even taken as one.


The only persons who may be of a better general type, and yet for a while be held here, are suicides, men who have the ancient wisdom annie besant by self-murder to escape from the earthly penalties of crimes they had committed, and who have but worsened their position by the exchange.

Executed murderers, furious with terror and passionate revengeful hatred, acting over again, as we have said, their crime and recreating mentally its terrible results, surround themselves with an atmosphere of savage thought-forms, and, attracted to any the ancient wisdom annie besant harbouring revengeful and violent designs, they egg him on into the actual commission of the deed over which he broods.

Formed of the matter of the three highest subdivisions of the mental plane, it is exquisitely fine, a film of rarest subtlety, even at its first inception ; and, as it develops, it becomes a radiant object of supernal glory and beauty, the shining One, as it has been aptly named.

Under conditions of weak health or nervous excitement the etheric double may in great part be abnormally extruded from its dense counterpart ; the latter then becomes very dully consciousor entranced, according to the less or greater amount of the etheric matter the ancient wisdom annie besant.

One of the objects of theosophical teaching, partly lifting up the veil of the unseen world, is to give men a sounder basis for conduct, a more rational appreciation of the causes of which the effects only are seen in the terrestrial world. Get znnie Know Us.

Once free of Frank Besant and exposed to new currents of thought, she ths to question not only her long-held religious beliefs but also the whole of conventional thinking.