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In the above table of customercity is not linked to any primary field. NET programmer working on projects often stumbles on this question, which is but obvious. The first is the size limitation 2 GB of the database and second is the concurrent connections eight concurrent connections which are limited by using the workload governor.

SQL Server interview questions: -What is CTE (Common table expression)?

If you want a relational system in conjunction with time, you use sixth normal form. Denormalization is the process of putting one fact in numerous places it is vice-versa of normalization. But I think no matter how much experience you have, an interview is a different ball game. Anyway, the article is really great, in case you want to check out T-SQL questions, check out it here. In other words, each non-key field should be a fact about all the fields in the primary sql server 2008 interview questions by shivprasad koirala.

Message Closed Jan File meets the storing, managing and retrieving part of a database, but not the independent way of accessing data. As new records are inserted new data, pages are allocated. Hope the remaining parts are posted OR if available as paid service then explicitly stated so.


Actually you can normalize database to fifth normal form. Finally, it should provide an independent way of accessing data and should not be dependent on the application to access the information.

Yes please part 2 would be gratefully received. So let us try to see what multi-valued facts are. It is primarily provided as a low cost option for developers who need a database server, which can easily be shipped and installed. When will you post its second part?

As mentioned before, DBMS provides a systematic and organized way of storing, managing and retrieving from a collection of logically related information. This set of rules is known as Normalization. Moreover too much optimization could hurt your app performance, so I would extend paragraph about “denormalization” with a couple of examples. Thus, there is no need for off-line volumes to tell you the structure of the database.

SQL Server interview questions –

So these three entities have a mutual relationship within them. While extent qyestions basic unit storage from a database point of view, page is a unit of allocation within extent. What are the different types of collation sensitivity?

Q What are page splits? Given below is a sample of many-to-many relationship. But it just makes the database engine go slow above eight connections. In SQL SERVER whatever integrity rules are applied on every record are also applicable when you process a group of records using application program in any other language example: Add some more questions sithmichel Sep 2: A sweet summary and you will rock.


So as soon as werver eight pages are consumed, it allocates a new extent with data pages. Please Sign up or sign in to vote. For every data row, there is sql server 2008 interview questions by shivprasad koirala row offset which points to that data row.

Ok, let me spend a few more sentences on explaining the third aspect. What SQL clause is used to restrict the rows returned by a query? So the advantage in such type of architecture is that you need least configuration clients.

In order for these tables to be in First normal form, you have to modify the questilns structure inteview follows. The field Total is dependent on Unit price and knterview. Excellent Article Ralph in Boise May Pages are contained in extent.

JM Associate can sell sweets under the following two conditions:.