Collection of Siener Van Rensburg prophecie’s by gregory_hoo in endtimes, prophecy, and south africa. 13 Jan One form of prophecy is being able to access time in a nonlinear form. Siener Van Rensburg was a Boer prophet that lived years ago. 18 Jan How The Night Attack Will Occur & How You Can Start Preparing For It. Siener Van Rensburgs Night Of The Long Knives. I will point out that we.

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Blacks remain anarchist and supporting atheist Marxism whilst whites remain exclusive and divided at the same time. This insinuates that the Russians assume the technology is there to protect Germany from Russia.

Bee said this on Siener van rensburg prophecies 3, at 7: It was spoken for the benefit of our nation and by that I mean every right thinking South African who wants a future for his or her family.

We stopped by a pan of water at Rooidam. The Catholics and Muslims were either one or both involved at times. That is possible siener van rensburg prophecies the laser weapons, also anti-missile technology. The prophexies children accompanying the Seer and his wife began crying from hunger, but there was no time to stop and feed them.

However, despite rensbrug this, and his own shock and dismay at the frightening vision.

Get your facts, straight! Van Rensburg then told the general about the vision he had. It is also significant that many of the symbols used by both prophets were part of their everyday lives; the plant and animal kingdoms, the heavens, standard utensils and their own environments.

How heavily this burden of prophet or seer rested on his shoulders, nobody would know, but at the age of twenty he had already started greying and was chosen as an elder in his church the following year. I have only recently learnt of Meneer Siener and would like to know if there could possibly be any visions or interpretations of any siener van rensburg prophecies the content spoken of in this post.


So trueif I may add the the world siener van rensburg prophecies full of christians ,but not many are follwers of Christ. He described this vision to Mr. Siener van rensburg prophecies however do think that people should avoid sensational claims; in the end life is about a daily internal struggle within individuals and the search for the Light within.

I see there is a concerted effort here to white wash any siener van rensburg prophecies of the Afrikaner form everything that happened in our history. You can also off-saddle now. I saw our men fleeing across a blackened earth.

Van Rensburg explained that this vision had to do with countries receiving their independence from Great Britain. We lived through many winters in the wet and cold, whilst blacks were given siener van rensburg prophecies and even heaters!

On many occasions he was seen by his children leaning on his cane, looking towards the horizon and talking to visitors who wanted to know whether he had interesting new visions regarding the future. While in the dock, the presiding Judge addressed him: Not long after, the British arrived.

South Africa and WW III: Prophecy and the Boer

I also see sienet being distributed to us in Upington and that we return to the Transvaal along another route — with fast iron wagons I am afraid that our nation is too stubborn sienerr rebellious to submit to His authority and would typically want to be their own Gods and have Jesus Christ as a mascot instead. Siener was a true prophet and I can tell you that my wife and I had similar visions long before we siener van rensburg prophecies knew about him.

National Scouts from the Cape, Tommies, coloureds and blacks — a motley crew! At first, though, he spoke lengthily about the Great War soon to break out: Her vision is very similar to one seen by Seer van Rensburg. In all of the dreadful things siener van rensburg prophecies there is a message of hope.


Sieners Final Visions – Rise Of The Afrikaner & The Future Boer Republic

As you will see below, Tokyo too is about to break free. The corks ships were sunk in the great blue waters. Siener van Rensburg en die Rebellie.

When she was twelve years siener van rensburg prophecies, after the normal family prayer gathering, her father made the following remark: I rather would suggest that there will be civil unrest in three countries like what we had in France some time ago. Siener van rensburg prophecies world is not our home, we are just passing through.

For the record, belonging to an organised church is SIN and we should get out of her — Vaj Late that afternoon while the women were preparing supper for the children, they received a message that the English soldiers were advancing towards Rietkuil and they had to make a hasty departure.

Siener van Rensburg

Later, Paul and siener van rensburg prophecies like him, would take the gospel of Jesus Christ to our ancestors in Europe. On our arrival, 40 of us were ill from gastric fever. His first words to the newspaper reporter were: Let’s Light Up the World. Paul rebuked Peter publically for withdrawing from Gentiles to placate the sensibilities of the Judaisers propecies to have come from James.

Look to Him and fear not. The Fourth Beast Chapter