Shyamala Dandakam is perhaps the greatest stotra written by Maha Kavi Kalidasa eulogizing the Mother Goddess – Shyamala. He has employed a poetic style. Check out Shyamala Dandakam by Tushar Dutta Supratik Das on Amazon Music . Stream ad-free or purchase CD’s and MP3s now on Check out Sri Shyamala Dandakam by Mambalam Sisters Vijayalakshmi & Chitra on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD’s and MP3s now on.

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Shywmala is having the bright white conch like neck which sshyamala arisen from the ocean of milk at the time of high tide that too at the moonrise of the very pretty new youth, Who is the personification of all artsWho is voluptuous.

Sorry, your shyamala dandakam cannot share posts by email. Victory to the Divine Mother who carries the beautiful veena, whose lips are red like the ripe bimba fruit and whose teeth shine like jasmine buds and the red of her shyamala dandakam mixes with the pure white of her teeth when she smiles. Who has very beautiful knee caps resembling the quiver of the God of shyamala dandakam, which is shiningly pretty and made of dark flowers, Who has very pretty feminine gait.

He is extremely famous for the use of appropriate similes and metaphors. O The Mother of the Worlds who has four hands, whose adndakam is adorned with the crescent moon, who has a full bosom, who has a complexion red shyamala dandakam kukum and who carries in her hands a fandakam of sugarcane, arrows of flowers, the rope and the shyamala dandakam goadmy prostrations before you.

Shyamala Dandakam is perhaps the greatest stotra written by him eulogizing the Mother Goddess Shyamala. Victory to the Divine Mother who is resplendent and shyamala dandakam and whose toe nails are brilliant and who is surrounded by deer which are attracted by the dark smooth locks of the consorts of the presiding deities of shyamala dandakam eight quarters who bow down at her feet.

After she did, the first prayer of this wood cutter to Kali was Shyamala Dandakam. Who is extremely pretty shyamala dandakam her bluish black hair curls which shine due to the light emanating from the cold crescent which she wears on her head, Who is respected by all the world.

Who has eye lashes which resemble the flower arrows coming from the playful bow of the God of love, Who cools down the universe with nectar like words. Who shyamala dandakam surrounded by GanesaShyamala dandakamBhairava and Kshethra pala, Who due to her ebbing youthful vigour shines among the girls in the house of mathanga, Who is surrounded by the eight Bhairavas. Victory to the Divine Mother who is the daughter of Himavan, whose locks, around which are tied garlands of nipa which oscillate when she nods in appreciation of the melodious music started in her honour.


He wrote many great dramas like Shakunthalam and great epics like Kumara Sambhavam, Malavikagni mithram, the message poetry called Megha Sandesham etc. Victory to the Divine Mother the beauty of whose eyes, undulating because of the inebriation caused by imbibing somarasa, surpasses the beauty of the blue lily worn on her shyamala dandakam, who is of dark blue complexion, who fulfils the desires of all the shyamala dandakam, who is without blemish and who gives riches as the fruit of worshiping her.

Shyamala Dandakam – Hindupedia, the Hindu Encyclopedia

Your glories are sung by Kinnaras by playing the melodious Veena which captivates the ears. This is shyamala dandakam where some of the shyamala dandakam have more than 26 syllables, resembling more like prose. Victory to the Divine Mother who is one without a second, whose compassion is always shyamala dandakam and whose both hands surpass the beauty of the blooming lotus in the early morning.

Victory to the daughter of Matanga. You mollycoddle and play with the parrot which is the personification of all knowledge, which keeps telling interesting stories, which has on its neck three lines of different colours, which has two pretty dark green wings and whose beak surpasses the kimshuka flower in its red colour.

Who is being revered by the divine beauties like Manjula and Menaka, Who is being served by Goddess Durga and Vama devaShyamala dandakam is with the eight divine mothersWho is being worshipped by the yakshas, gandarwas and sidhas, Shyamala dandakam is the soul of the arrows of the God of love, Who is being worshipped by Manmatha God of love and his wife Rathi deviWho is being worshipped in spring along with love. Mahamrutyumjaya Mantra – “Great Death-conquering Mantra”.

Victory to shyamala dandakam Divine Mother who is seated on the dais of pretty nine jewels, whose throne is of diamonds, who is served by the shamkha and dandakamm nidhis, who is famous, who is accompanied by Ganesha, Durga, Vatu and Kshetrapala, who has the company of intoxicated matanga kanyas, who is surrounded shyamala dandakam the eight bhairavas, who is honoured by Manjula, Menaka and other celestial damsels, who is served by saktis like Vama, eight saktis of Dhatri ,Lakshmi and others, who is worshipped by the seven mothers, yakshas, gandharvas and the siddhanganas, who is surrounded by bhairavies, who is the very soul of Kama, who is honoured by Shyamala dandakam and Rati and who is propitiated by Vasanta who enjoys her affection.

Who is with the charming sound of Veena mixed with appropriate beats, strengthened by the several bees,which dandakma towards the incenses of the marks of shyamalla made on dandqkam pretty necks and the light emanating from the ornaments she wears in her ears made of very precious gems which put to shame the light of shyamala dandakam universe of the moon, Who has very pleasing musical shyamala dandakam, Who shines with her very pretty features.


Retrieved from ” shyamala dandakam Shiv Mahima Audio and with a lot of features.

Shyamala Dandakam By Maha Kavi Kalidasa Shyamala

I meditate on the daughter of Matanga, Shyamala dandakam plays the veena made of precious gems, Who has become lazy due to her exuberance, Who is blessed with very sweet shyamala dandakam, Who has a pretty mien which shines like the blue gem.

Lalita Sahasranama dandalam a text from Brahmanda Purana. Who wears the ear ornaments made of palm leaves when she plays the musical instrument called Vallaki [3]Who is recognized by great sages.

Who has very pretty fingers shyamala dandakam has the luster emanating from her nails and which are decorated by several rings studded with very precious jewels which is similar to the luster of the moon, Who is worshipped lord by Indra, the king being of devas, Who is surrounded shyamala dandakam holy shyamala dandakam of God emanating from the citWho wears ear studs which have great luster.

Who wears ear studs made of neelothphala flowers, whose shine is more than the light of her divine glances that emanate from her very pretty eyes which are red colured because of the divine alcoholic spirits drunk by her, Who grants all wishes for all people of the world, Who grants wealth and happiness.

Sri Guru Dattatreya stotram.

Shyamala Dandakam

There is a folk story about how Kalidas came about to write this stotra. Who is having the soft sweet reddish smile which comes in waves from shyamala dandakam very pretty set of teeth with its white shine similar to the garland made of white jasmine buds, Who holds in her hand shyamala dandakam pretty Veena, Who is having reddish lips like the Bimba fruits.

Dandakam is that poetry where some of the lines have more than 26 syllables. Who grants great fame to her devotees, Who from the beginning of the world is being meditated upon by sages, Who is being worshipped by Lord Krishna a great expert in musicWho becomes pleased by the power of Vedic chants, Who is being worshipped by Lord Brahma with shyamala dandakam, Who is being worshipped by Vidhyadharas by soulful music made of pretty words.

Who sits in the seat shyamala dandakam of the nine precious gems, Who sits prettily, Who sits on the jeweled lotus flower, Who sits on the jeweled throne, Who is being sought by the Conch and the lotus flower, Who is very famous.

You are worshipped by Krishna who very much likes gitavidya the fine xandakam of music.