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Figure 2 is the typical round bottom flask.

I use both pure sodium hypophosphite and electroless nickel plating solution as a source of sodium hypophosphite for this reaction.

Published December 1st by Loompanics Unlimited first published The provocative and entertaining book makes for guaranteed conversation as a coffee table book even if you don’t need it now.

He will now fractionally distill it to recover the pyridine from it. Then ml of toluene is added and the mixture shaken again. If it starts to darken, then your tempera- ture is too high. This concise but very informative book gives the reader a peep into the interaction of bullet with armor and how to modify one’s bullets so that one isn’t in effect shooting BBs.

How do decent people survive in such a place? To avoid the danger of sparks, the motor must be properly grounded. While this flask is being bubbled, the crystals secrets of methamphetamine manufacture uncle fester in the other flask are filtered out. The vacuum is turned back on, the vac- uum hose is attached secrets of methamphetamine manufacture uncle fester the filtering flask, and the top of the Buchner funnel is covered with the palm or a section of latex rubber glove.

Ex- cess HCI results in yellow smoking solution — product cannot be filtered out. This is so that the flask is heated evenly. Want to Read saving….

The glassware is immediately assembled as shown in Figure After all the black reaction mixture has been added to the sodium hydroxide solution, there is a brown liquid layer floating above the sodium hy- droxide solution.


Read a testimonial by,”The Aussie Clandestine Chemist” by clicking here. I went through a phase. Be the first to ask a question about Secrets of Methamphetamine Manufacture. It contains the oil grunge which was polluting the crystals. Maximum secrets of methamphetamine manufacture uncle fester was lOOg in time needs ml ether.

Uncle Fester (author)

The liquid in the funnel will now have separated into two layers. In keeping with this, the suppliers of glassware methwmphetamine their purchase records open for regular inspection by agents of the police state.

This process is called simple distilla- tion. It disappears be- cause there is no longer much formic acid left. The first thing he does is test the chemicals. The cotton and Drierite are removed from the vacuum adapter. Sodium metal comes in a can, covered with a bath of petroleum distillate. For really big batches, it would seem that using sulfuric acid to make the crystalline sulfate salt of Secrets of Methamphetamine Manufacture Fifth Edition 28 the amphetamine has its advantages.

After the flask has cooled down, secrets of methamphetamine manufacture uncle fester is poured into a ml rester funnel, and ml of toluene is added. All the pieces of glassware must be fitted snugly together.

Then ml of hydrochloric acid methamphetakine secrets of methamphetamine manufacture uncle fester and the process is repeated, starting from the hydrolysis of the formyl amide of methamphet- amine. These methods manufacfure more in less time, and they are cheaper. Anthranilic acid and its salts 30 kg 2.

In the rounded sec- tion of the vacuum adapter is a plug of cotton, then Secrets of Methamphetamine Manufacture Fifth Edition 10 about two teaspoons of Drierite anhydrous cal- cium sulfatethen another plug of cotton. This is a tran- script of a conversation I had secrets of methamphetamine manufacture uncle fester another cooker on the Internet: Then the mixing is continued, with the underground secrets of methamphetamine manufacture uncle fester working his way up to shaking the sep funnel, with his finger holding in the stopper.


The drain stem of the Buchner funnel extends all the way through the rubber stopper, because methamphetamine has a nasty tendency to dissolve rubber stoppers. Languages Deutsch Nederlands Edit links. By sucking on the end of the water exit tubing, the ice cold water can be siphoned from the pail on the table, through the condenser, to the pail on the floor.

Thanks for the info on big batches. This can be controlled by not using too much bromobenzene, adding it slowly and stirring it well. These methods require a reliable scale. Otherwise, he just has some invoice-order forms printed up for his company. Rester last word about vacuum distillation. Acetone 50 gal or kg C. The heat secrets of methamphetamine manufacture uncle fester turned on to about ‘A maximum.

Uncle Fester’s Drug Chemistry Books – free in PDF format : TheeHive

With ml, the ratio is nearly six to one. Soon the methylamine begins boiling out and moving through the tubing into the formic acid. To that round hole is then welded a 3 A -inch-long section of stainless pipe with fine threads on the inner surface.

Put your mixture in a glass flask with boiling chips. A very common and quite stale trick is for the narco swine to place a radio tracing device in the packing materials surrounding jugs of chemicals purchased by suspected drug manufacturers.