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Secrets of Methamphetamine Manufacture 8th Edition by Uncle Fester – PDF Drive

Manufxcture the event of melting or sticky crystals, cutting is first tried on a small sample of the crystals to see if that will solve the problem.

Potassium permanganate 55 kg F. Now you have to separate this with lye. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Thus, the maximum pro- duction level is stuck at one pound per week. A metal bowl makes a good container for this oil bath. Then it is distilled, and some more methylamine is secrets of methamphetamine manufacture uncle fester into the mixture. The ffester ture will change from light yellow to dark yel- low. This cuts his consumption of methylamine to about half of secrets of methamphetamine manufacture uncle fester it would be without this technique.

This concise but very informative book kf the reader a peep into the interaction of bullet with armor and how to modify one’s bullets so that one isn’t in effect shooting BBs.

The mixture quickly turns black. The ice water siphoning sys- tem is used for the condenser, because N-methyl- formamidc has a very high latent heat of vaporiza- tion, and, without this precaution, it may collect very hot in the collecting flask. The chemist never touches it intentionally; if he does touch it, he washes it off with warm water. This latter has to be neutralized because it will not distill in its present form.


For this class of chemicals, the law requires presentation of proper ED i. Toluene is also an acceptable solvent. Secrets of methamphetamine manufacture uncle fester the choice of mineral spirits eliminates ether from the supply loop, the clandestine operator may well go this route. The chemical manufacturing industry gets along just fine without using standard taper glassware in which to cook their chemicals.

Is there any difference methamphefamine hydro- chloride and sulphate end product?

The clean dry glass- ware is set up as shown in Figure By the way, using much ether-alcohol as freebase solution, very secrets of methamphetamine manufacture uncle fester and extremely white powder without any smell will be result. As an added bonus, secretz metal replicas makes it impossible to bust one for having glassware for the purpose of mak- ing meth, a 10 year felony under the Meth Act of A bottle in which the acid seems clear-colored is used; the ones with a green tint have been sitting around too long.


Heat lamps may be used to speed up this drying, but no stronger heat source. Then more similarly- sized pieces of glass are dropped in the upper opening of the claisen adapter until it is filled to the level shown.

One liter ml of absolute ethyl alcohol is measured out. The heat is turned off and the level of the secrets of methamphetamine manufacture uncle fester containing formic acid is lowered so that the acid is Chapter Five Making Methamphetamine 23 not sucked back into the other flask.


Secrets of Methamphetamine Manufacture

The glassware is set up as shown in Figure 13, back in Chapter Three. Toluene is cheaper, and less of it ov needed because it evaporates more slowly during the Filtering process. This is done by dissolving the crystals in the smallest amount of warm alcohol that will dissolve them.

The presence of secrets of methamphetamine manufacture uncle fester in the reaction mixture is to be avoided at all costs, because this really messes up the reaction. Reaction with acid then produces phenyl- acetone. A ml sep funnel is the best size. Put your mixture in a glass flask with boiling chips. The reaction here is sodium hy- droxide reacting with hydrochloric acid to produce Secrets of Methamphetamine Manufacture Fifth Edition 24 table salt, with formic acid to produce sodium formate, and with methamphetamine hydrochloride to produce methamphetamine free base.

The magnetic stirring is now begun, and grams ml of ethylacetoacetate is put in the sep funnel over the next 15 minutes.