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The narco swine have a habit of going off half-cocked on their search warrants.

Full text of “Secrets Of Methamphetamine Manufacture Uncle Fester”

It makes its way up to the condenser, then returns to the flask as a liquid. Secrets of Methamphetamine Manufacture. This festwr is placed on the table along with the glass- ware. To ask other readers questions about Secrets of Methamphetamine Manufactureplease sign up. But I’m not a chemist.

Secrets of Methamphetamine Manufacture

Firt of all, some background. It was very difficult to measure needed amount of gas. This is very important!! I then proceed with an HI reduction to meth using sodium hypophosphite as a source for sefrets acid.

Secrets of Methamphetamine Manufacture by Uncle Fester

Construction of a condenser is similarly straight- forward. One choice is the aspirator, also called ubcle water pump. The hydro- chloric acid must secrets of methamphetamine manufacture uncle fester of laboratory grade. The pyridine and acetic anhydride are measured out in a large glass measuring cup. This book is not yet featured on Listopia.


The water layer is poured into B and poured down the drain.

This will be when methylamine no longer flows evenly into the formic acid. A ml beaker is filled half-full of the petroleum distillate from the can of sodium, or with xylene. Methamphetamnie that case, the methylamine can be piped directly into the for- mic acid.

These are called boiling chips, because they cause liquids to boil faster and more evenly.

If the chemist is secrets of methamphetamine manufacture uncle fester tired now, he may take out a drop on a glass rod and lick it off. Methylamine is bubbled into formic acid to make N-methyl formamide. The Teflon application and acquisition section is also of value to those wishing to coat the insides of makeshift lab-ware with something impervious to corrosive chemicals.

The vapors from the boiling mixture in the dis tillin methamphetanine flask rise up into the fractionating column and come into contact with the pieces of glass inside.

The chemist takes his time working up to this temperature because the amount and quality of the product depends on it.

And so the reaction is continued. Since I wrote the first edition of this book 13 years ago, a whole secrets of methamphetamine manufacture uncle fester of new restrictive laws have been enacted in a futile attempt to prevent clandestine cookers from practicing their craft.

I think one week is best. A good source of flame to soften up the glass is a mxnufacture torch with the flame spreader attachment. They react together quite violently.


Now the underground chemist can turn this situation to his advantage by means of subterfuge. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Methsmphetamine account. Then, as methamphehamine earlier in this chapter, dry hydrogen chloride gas is bubbled through it to obtain clean crystals.

The glassware is set up again for fractional distillation as shown in Figure The conditions which favor the production of high yields of fine quality products are as follows. See testimonial – secrets of methamphetamine manufacture uncle fester here – or click here to read it in PDF format.


An Overview A good way to produce batches of up to Yi pound in size is by the Leuckardt-Wallach reac- tion. May 23, Cameron Moore marked it as to-read. Privacy guides and recommendations: Then the crystals are poured into the Buchner funnel.

Note the standard glass condenser in Figure 4: