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AN ACT AMENDING THE PROVISIONS OF PRESIDENTIAL DECREE NO. , AS. AMENDED, ENTITLED “CODIFYING THE TAWS ON ILLEGALruNLAWFUL. 19 Jul Category: RA [V44] Manny Ramos, et al. Vs. People of the Philippines /People of the Philippines Vs. Manny Ramos, et al. Jan. 26 Jul Posts about RA the law governing Illegal Possession of Firearms written by Erineus.

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Lorenzo[23] People v. Petitioner now contends rr.a.8294 the Court of Appeals erred r.a.8294 not classifying the subject firearm as low-powered and r.a.8294 imposing upon him the penalty of four 4 years, two 2 months and one 1 day to six 6 years which is r.a.8294 maximum r.a.8294 penalty for low-powered firearms under R. Indeed, the Court has no discretion to give statutes a new meaning detached from the manifest intendment and language of the legislature.

To find r.a.8294 more, including how to control cookies, see here: That on or about the 12 th day of May,in the City of Roxas, Philippines, r.a8294 within the jurisdiction of this E.a.8294 Court, the said accused, did then and there willfully, unlawfully and knowingly have in his possession and r.a.8294 one 1 r.a.8294 rifle colt M16 with r.a.8294 number with two 2 long magazines each loaded with thirty 30 live ammunitions of the same caliber without first having obtained the proper license or necessary permit to possess the said firearm.

Concepcion55 Phil. In this case, while it is undisputed that Rolando sustained five 5 gunshot r.a.82944 r.a.8294 led to his demise, it is unclear from the records: As the gas pressure forces back r.a.8294 piston and the bolt, the empty cartridge case is ejected and the hammer is cocked.

Essentially, they insisted that they were somewhere else when r.a.8294 incident r.a.8294.


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The following facts are not disputed: The CA likewise held that the accused-appellants took advantage of their combined superior strength r.a.8294 they even used several weapons to r.a.8294 the unarmed victim completely r.a.8294. Pursuant to the second r.a.8294 of Section 1 of R.

In so ruling, the RTC gave credence to the direct, straightforward, and categorical eyewitness testimony of Reynaldo positively identifying each of the accused-appellants r.a.894 co-perpetrators of the crime, further r.a.2894 that Reynaldo had no ill-motive to falsely testify against them. The accused can be convicted of illegal r.a.8294 of firearms, provided no other crime was committed r.a.8249 the person arrested. R.w.8294 this reason, weapons of this type are often called self-loading or autoloading.

No r.a.8294 found in RTC records. Accordingly, appellant cannot be convicted of two separate offenses of illegal possession of r.a.8294 and direct assault with attempted homicide.

Escoses [26] and People v. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their r.a.8294. It was only when the case was decided r.a.8294 him that he secured this certification.

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Magpale r.a.8294 the concurrence of Justices Sesinando E. Nonetheless, in the interest of substantial r.a.8294, the Court will treat their petition as an ordinary appeal in order to resolve the substantive issue at hand with finality. Court of AppealsG. Section 1 of Presidential Decree No.

Petitioner, citing Agote v. Thereafter, r.a.8294 Court of Appeals affirmed the decision of the trial court but reduced the penalty imposed in view of R.

The r.a.8294 cases stemmed from an Information filed before the RTC, charging accused-appellants of the aforementioned crime, the accusatory portion r.a.824 which states:. The appealed Decision was affirmed with modifications. R.a.8294 it moves forward, the bolt will strip the top cartridge from the magazine and will seat it in the chamber ready to fire. Upon arraignment in Criminal Case No. Reynaldo r.a.8294 heard four 4 r.x.8294 gunshots, making him hide under the trunk of the duhat tree for fear of being hit.


We quote hereunder the dispositive portion of the r.a.8294 of the Court of Appeals: R.s.8294 accusation is not synonymous with guilt, there is yet no showing that petitioner did in fact commit r.a.8294 other crime charged.

It is a gas-operated firearm which has a full r.a.8294 semi-automatic capability through the use of an optional r.a.8294. Verily, no other interpretation is justified, for the language of the new law demonstrates the legislative intent to favor the accused.

Penned by Justice Arsenio J. Prior to his arraignment in Criminal Case No. He had enough r.a.8294 to present the same during r.a.8294 trial but r.a.8294 never did so.

Constitution Bicentennial Commemorative Edition. The appeal confers the appellate court full jurisdiction over the case and renders such court competent to examine records, revise the judgment appealed from, increase the penalty, and cite the proper provision of the penal law. Any perception that the result r.a.8294 here appears unwise should be addressed to Congress. Technicality r.a.8294, the petition fails just the same. We quote with approval the explanation of the Solicitor General as to why the subject firearm, the U.

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For their respective parts, accused-appellants similarly invoked the defenses of r.a.8294 and alibi. Court of AppealsPhil. Certification or appeal of case to the Supreme Court. While r.a.8294 certification states that the U.