21 Oct Ion Creanga, Punguta Cu Doi Baniteatru radiofonic.

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A little glass bead. When the old woman saw that the hen had fooled her, she began to beat it, and beat till she flogged it to death. Then it went to the window again, spread out its wings before the sun so that it darkened the gentleman’s room, and once more began: The old woman did what her master bade her. You ought to have seen the rooster’s delight. An elephant beside it would have seemed like a flea; and following behind came countless flocks of birds, each one more beautiful and brilliant than the other.

The rooster took its stand punguta cu doi bani it, spread its wings, and instantly the whole yard was filled with birds and herds of cattle, but it shook out on the sheet a pile of ducats that flashed in the sun till they dazzled the eyes. Publicat de Unknown la On the road it met a carriage containing a gentleman and several ladies. Then the rooster gave the stone a push, punguta cu doi bani out safe and sound, ran to the gentleman’s window, and began to knock on the panes with its bill, punguta cu doi bani The old woman welcomed it joyfully.

Perhaps if it tries to swallow the ducats one will stick in its throat, and I shall get rid of the bird. So the stupid old soul remained as poor as a church-mouse.

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When the old man beheld this vast treasure he did not know what to do in his delight, and hugged and kissed the pungutq. It swallowed bulls, oxen, cows, and calves, till it had devoured the whole herd and its stomach had grown as big as a mountain. The hen ran quickly in at the gate, passed its mistress, and went to its nest—at the end of an hour it jumped off, cackling loudly.


I’ll wring your neck, you saucy cockerel! When the poor hen escaped from the old woman’s hands it fled to the highway. But punguta cu doi bani old man was very rich; he built punguta cu doi bani houses, laid out beautiful gardens, and lived luxuriously.

He made the old woman his poultry-maid, the rooster he took about with him everywhere, dressed in a gold collar, yellow boots, and spurs on its heels, punguta cu doi bani that one might have thought it was one bnai the Three Kings from the Christmas play instead of a mere ordinary rooster.

Then it escaped from the room, went to the gentleman’s window, and again began: Punguta cu doi bani grasped the rooster and flung it into the treasure-chamber.

The rooster swallowed all the money and left the chests empty. Postare mai veche Pagina de pornire. From that time she might live on roast nothing and golden wait a while, instead of eggs, for she had abused and killed the poor hen, though it was not at all to blame. This put out the fire, cooled the hearth, and made such a flood on the kitchen floor that the cook fainted away from pure rage.

When the old man saw punguta cu doi bani rooster so huge and fat, he opened the gate for it. When the rooster saw that its life was in such great danger, what was it to do? It began to swallow the water, punguta cu doi bani drank and drank till it had swallowed all the water in the well.

The gentleman put it in his pocket and drove on. The rooster picked it up, went about its own business, and left the gentleman in peace.

Punguţa cu doi bani

But when she glanced into the nest what punvuta she perceive? One day the old man lost patience and said: All the poultry ran after the rooster so that pungutw really looked like a wedding; but the gentleman turned green punguta cu doi bani rage as he watched, and said sighing: Taking it in its beak, the bird turned and went back toward punguta cu doi bani old man’s house.


While walking along it found a bead, swallowed it, hurried back home as fast as possible, and began to cackle at the gate.

While thus pursuing its way, lo and behold! His rooster had become a terrible object. Pagini Acasa Chitara De Suflet.

Then it flew out and again ran after the carriage, calling: PercivalThe Little Purse with two Half-pennies. I beat my rooster, and you see what it has fetched me.

The old woman hastened to punguta cu doi bani what the hen had laid.

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The hen had laid a glass bead! The rooster was very angry and ran after the carriage, repeating continually: This rooster is a perfect imp of Satan! He punguga thinking till at last an idea entered his head: Now flog your hen, that it may bring you ducats.

punguta cu doi bani

There was once an old man and an old woman. But all at once the old woman appeared from somewhere, and when she saw this marvelous spectacle her eyes glittered in her head, and she was ready to burst with wrath.

The old woman had a hen and the old man had a rooster; punguta cu doi bani old woman’s hen laid two eggs a day and she ate a great many, but she would not give the old man a single one.

When the rooster saw this new punguta cu doi bani, it began to spit out the water it had swallowed till it had poured all the water from the well upon the burning coals.