10 Jan [Dr. Peter Kreeft submitted this excerpt from select portions of his book Between Heaven & Hell, which depicts a hypothetical postmortum dialog. Between Heaven & Hell has ratings and 96 reviews. David said: On November 22nd, when I was eleven years old three well known figures died within. Between Heaven and Hell. A Dialog Somewhere Beyond Death with John F. Kennedy, C. S. Lewis Aldous Huxley. by Peter Kreeft ยท Apologetics.

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Between Heaven and Hell (novel) – Wikipedia

How could we deal with that issue now? He employ’s Lewis’ method of debate, which is highly Socratic in nature, and quickly dispels of the modern humanist – specifically Christian humanist – position, pointing petet the problems of their arguments against Christian theism and, specifically, the divine nature of Christ. I’ve never heard of him doing it in any of his writings and it just seems very un-British.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Published on May 13, A kind of extended meditation on Lewis’ “trilemma.

Between Heaven & Hell (excerpt)

I see the point, but I disagree with the route taken to get there, especially if one views the Kkreeft not as an accurate historical record, but as a collection of oral histories. Combining logical argument with literary imagination, Peter Kreeft uses a dialogue between C.


You have no hard evidence. And unlike other apologetic works, peter kreeft between heaven and hell is value in seeing arguments unfold in conversation rather than in a monologue. Today, the debate has become less grand and all encompassing, in favor of questions concerning znd number of particulars, and the battlefield language tends to be scientific or ethical rather than focused on metaphysics.

Kennedy and Aldous Huxley.

I recommend this book for any serious thinker on the road to figuring out life’s big questions. Therefore, he is God. The Best Things in Life. Kreeft obviously knows the btween of C. Lewis handle disputes after just entering the afterlife with the other two. What if one could prove that Jesus was God?

Between Heaven & Hell by Peter Kreeft

That’s my proof, or its summary. Related Video Shorts 0 Upload your video. Peer were three famous, classic and clever representatives of three great worldviews — Eastern pantheism, Christian theism and modern humanism. I don’t think we’re going to be allowed to review that long argument here.

Peter Kreeft Limited preview – Oct 11, Lyndon rated it really liked it.

Lewis rightly attacked this idealogical error and Kreeft does well to write of Lewis’s thoughts on this subject. But surely you see the extreme difference. Does human life have meaning?


Between Heaven & Hell

Kennedy’s “modern Christian” view, Lewis’s “conservative Christian” or ” mere Christian ” view, and Huxley’s “Orientalized Christian” view. All three believed, in different ways, that death is not the end of human life. That made it a little less serious and a little less enjoyable than it could have been.

The “love the sinner, hate the sin” distinction. Peter kreeft between heaven and hell, he deals with very deep subjects, but is able to deal with them in a logical and understandable way. It may be intimidating heavfn some heqven put words in the mouth of perhaps the greatest Christian apologist of the last century, but Kreeft pronounced Krayft was undaunted.

No one in the world is less likely to confuse the Creator with a creature than a Jew, and peter kreeft between heaven and hell is less likely to confuse Creator with any creature than to confuse any two creatures.

An apt way to put it. Is it possible to know about life after death?