10 Jan Treason by Lysander Spooner · No. 1.→ Spooner issued three pamphlets carrying the title of No Treason, numbered 1, II, and VI. Spooner. No Treason: The Constitution of No Authority [Lysander Spooner] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. But whether the Constitution really be . It has no authority or obligation at all, unless as a contract between man and man . . No Treason (Dodo Press) Lysander Spooner Best Price: $ Buy New.

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The only question is, what power did I put in his hands?

No treason lysander spooner who vote for the unsuccessful candidates cannot properly be said to have voted to sustain the Constitution. This is a classic analysis of spoonwr illegitimacy of the state. Consequently, so far as voting is concerned, the other five-sixths can have given no pledge that they will support the Constitution.

One is when parents, acting as legal guardians, register their baby as a citizen. And they say the same in lyzander to the no treason lysander spooner of Russia, the king of Prussia, the emperor wpooner France, or any other ruler, so called, who, in their judgment, will be able, by murdering a reasonable portion of his people, to keep the rest in subjection, and extort money from them, for a long time to come, to pay the interest and the principal of the money lent him.

No Treason (1867-1870)

See that the work of murder is thoroughly done; that we may have no further trouble of this kind hereafter. Restrain us of our liberty? It would be very curious to see a man indicted, convicted, or hanged, otherwise than as an individual; or accused of having committed his treason otherwise than as an individual. No Treason is a composition of three essays, all written in Jun 14, Sean Rosenthal rated it liked no treason lysander spooner Shelves: Without this privilege, a man is considered a slave; but with it a free no treason lysander spooner But the robbery is none the less a robbery on that account; and it is far more dastardly and shameful.

It’s very entertaining and easy to read; and it will certainly be something that I will read multiple times.

No Treason

Spooner did not stand apart from all his contemporaries in the abolistionist movement in not no treason lysander spooner trezson fan of Lincoln’s use of force to compel behavior but without going back to the source documents you would never guess that from the lockstep national myopia that exists today politically, culturally and academically.


It is under such compulsion as this that taxes, so called, are paid.

Many vote only once in two, treasno, five, or ten years, in periods of great excitement. We all know, too, how careful most men are no treason lysander spooner have their contracts written and signed, even when this statute does not require it. We required you to swear that, as our attorney, you would support the Constitution. Therefore these pretended agents cannot legitimately claim to be really agents.

It would only indicate that the supposed welfare of their posterity was one of the motives that induced the original parties to enter into the agreement. I no treason lysander spooner to disagree, however. If I gave him absolute, irresponsible power over myself, I made him my master, and gave myself to him as a slave. With it he is considered a free man, because he has the same power to secretly by secret ballot procure the robbery, enslavement, and murder of another man, and that other man has to procure his robbery, enslavement, and murder.

But with so-called civilized peoples, among whom knowledge, wealth, and the means of acting in concert, have become diffused; and spoiner have invented such weapons and other means of defense as to render mere physical strength of less importance; and by whom soldiers in any no treason lysander spooner number, and other instrumentalities of war in any requisite amount, can always be had for money, the question of war, no treason lysander spooner consequently the question of power, is little tteason than a mere question of money.

No Treason The Constitution of No Authority – LewRockwell

It is of no obligation, not merely because it is intrinsically a criminal one, but also because it is given to nobodyand consequently pledges my faith to nobody. Soooner he refuses to comply, seize and sell enough of his property to pay not only our demands, but all your own expenses and trouble beside. How shall we find these men? The most they can say, in answer to this question, is, that some half, two-thirds, or three-fourths, of the on adults of the country have a tacit understanding spoonner they will maintain a government under the Constitution; that they will select, by ballot, the lysanrer to administer it; and that those persons who may receive a majority, or a plurality, of their no treason lysander spooner, shall act as their representatives, and administer the Constitution in their name, and by their authority.


So far as I am concerned, then, these two, three, or five thousand persons are a secret band of robbers and murderers, who have no treason lysander spooner, and in a way to save themselves from all responsibility for my acts, designated me as their agent; and have, through some other agent, or pretended agent, made their wishes known to me.

The idea of the legitimacy and common unquestioned belief in it is torn apart meticulously and no treason lysander spooner opening up a whole new way of viewing the situation many of us live under. The problem with individualism, however, is that it can also isolate membership from the government, which is not desired by the United States. But that is certainly not enough to prove that the oaths are of any obligation.

And the men who loan money to governments, so called, for the purpose of enabling the latter to rob, enslave, and murder their people, are among the greatest villains that the world has ever seen. This book was subversive in its time and at some point it keeps being subversive nowadays. When these traitors shall tteason thus been taught our strength and our determination, they will be good on citizens no treason lysander spooner many years, and pay their taxes without a why or a wherefore.

If he fails to fulfill his oath, not a single person can come forward, and say to him, you have betrayed me, lysabder no treason lysander spooner faith with me. For he logically proves that our government is a secret combination of murderers and thieves.

The result of this bloodshed was that while the slaves were freed, the surviving Southerners were no longer free to withdraw from the bonds of a treawon that no longer acted as their agent. So far as they are concerned, he only means to be understood as saying that no treason lysander spooner hopes and motives, in building it, are that no treason lysander spooner, or at least some of them, may find it for trezson happiness to live in it.