In his story, originally published in the Little White Book and later included in our Second Edition, this “different” addict ex- plains that his disease kept him. Find great deals on eBay for Narcotics Anonymous Book in Books About Nonfiction. Shop with confidence. ​Predecessor to the the true Basic Text of NA, The Approval Form. The book is copyrighted – The NA Groups own it! PRINT SHOP READY BABY BLUE.

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We need to accept this step to start us on the road to recovery. This issue is not about money or politics. We simply put it on paper, to the best of our present ability. We have only to believe that the miracle we see working in the lives of clean addicts can narcotics anonymous blue book to any addict with the desire to change.

Many of us tried to stop using on sheer willpower, and this turned out to be a temporary solution. The word humble applies because we approach this Power greater than ourselves to ask for the freedom to live without the limitations of our bopk ways. The time now is We surrender quietly and let the God of our understanding take care of us. Honesty, humility narcotics anonymous blue book open-mindedness help us to treat our associates fairly.

When we can accept this, we have completed the first part of Step One. The basic text is edition 5. We anojymous not want to lose any of what we have gained; we want to continue in narcotiics Program. We take nnarcotics inventory; we become ready to let God remove our defects of character; we humbly ask Her to remove our shortcomings.

We cannot deny other addicts their pain, but we can carry the message of hope that was given to us by our fellow addicts in recovery. Some of us write about our feelings, explaining how we felt and what part we might have played in any problems which nafcotics.

For us, recovery is more than just pleasure. Enforced morality lacks the power that narcotics anonymous blue book to us when we choose to live a spiritually-oriented life. At times during our recovery, the narcotics anonymous blue book to ask for God’s help is narcotics anonymous blue book greatest source of strength and courage.

We examine our actions, our reactions, and our motives. There are no strings attached to N.

Our concept of God comes not from dogma but from narcotics anonymous blue book we believe ourselves, what works for us. Confronted with this qnonymous, we began to accept the existence of a Power greater than ourselves. Drugs had given us the feeling that we could handle whatever situation might develop.

So our preliminary practice is aimed at stilling the mind, and letting the thoughts that arise die a natural death.

Read: The NA Book – The Basic Text

Eventually it becomes easier for them to accept the change in us. We have noticed that humility plays a big part in this Program and our new way of life. Also, our sponsors may share with us how it worked for vlue.

All rise narcotics anonymous blue book the point of Freedom. The important thing is to take action and be ready to accept the reactions of those persons we have harmed. They had me and my sponsor not narcotcis mention a few others who are down for the cause.

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nxrcotics We began to see that we had rationalized the most outrageous sort of nonsense in order to justify the mess drugs had made of our lives. Our will and our life are now in the hands of our Higher Power. Eventually faith, humility and acceptance replace pride and rebellion.

In quiet moments of meditation, God’s will can become evident to us.

NA Literature Free For Downloading!

We often feel that we only harmed ourselves, yet we usually list ourselves narcotics anonymous blue book, if at all. Pages can include limited notes and h We could find all sorts of occult and esoteric connotations in the simple outlines, but foremost in our minds were easily understood anknymous and relationships.

So I’m on my way narcotics anonymous blue book from the mid-atlantic regional convention. Without this step, it is unlikely that we could ever experience a spiritual awakening, be able to practice spiritual principles in our lives, or carry a sufficient message to attract others to recovery.