CAUTION: Read All Instructions Before Operating Equipment. MFJ ENTERPRISES, INC. Industrial The MFJ covers 7 MHz to MHz. The antenna. Mfj MFJ Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Mfj MFJ Instruction Manual. MFJ Super Hi-Q Loop product reviews by real people like you. Only at It’s manual tune, but I think I’m going to buy a Bushcomm instead.

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N3OXJun 20, Register mfj-1788 manual a mfj-1788 manual QRZ account. There are gaps between the cover and the antenna, and others who have installed the MFJ out of doors claim to have experienced problems after a year or two and found insects or even wasps nesting inside!

In the plane of the loop the antenna is mostly receptive mfj-1788 manual vertical polarization. The MFJ magnetic loops are one of only two commercially available magnetic loop antennas that are currently available.

When manuall meter light doesn’t light, you may have a problem with mfj-1788 manual antenna system. The control box didn’t work at all. I am sorry but I must downgrade my rating after using the antenna for a couple of weeks. After tightening it, suddenly the antenna would tune like a champ!

Its extremely short bandwidth also helps to mitigate interference from nearby transmitters, which is a bug plus. I sent it back then received a second brand new as well mfj-1788 manual that control box didn’t work as well.


There is a hole in the top of the tuning box, I adjusted this pot back and forth mfj-1788 manual times. You then use the slow tuner button to bring it back to a perfect match. This was actually my reason for buying mfj-1788 manual MFJ loop in the first place.

mfj-1788 manual I had to loosen the mfj-1788 manual side allen screw and 2 nuts holding the motor to get to the screw that was loose. Unmodulated would be CW. Mine really benefitted from realigning the coupling loop properly. The first was the MFJ, the model that covers 30m – 10m with the manual control unit, to save a bit of money. Not for cold mfj-1788 manual. I called MFJ and they mfj-1878 me do a couple of things then determined it was broke.

Great idea in a poor application. Also, when the temperature is below – 10c, sometimes the motor would’nt even turn.

MFJ Magnetic Loop

Is AM mode with no voice the ideal un-modulated signal? Mfj-1788 manual had thought of mounting mfj-1788 manual horizontal mfj-1788 manual it’s not high enough.

When i removed the loop covers i found the inside full, and i really mean full of old wasps nests, so all gaps need to be sealed.

So, I decided to try the magnetic loop solution, it arrived about about 3 weeks ago and I can tell you without prejudice that I am pleasantly surprised.


It’s all been ssb so far but I suspect cw will be an experience when I get mfj-1788 manual to it. Not easy finding a good ground around the RV. With 25 watts I worked 2 stations mfj-1788 manual Europe and 1 west coast on FT8.

I’m new to Ham and ordered my first in November and received it several weeks later. Mounted vertically, height is not important, and it is claimed that magnetic loops can be used even at ground level. I’m looking forward to trying that as well soon. A flimsy and rather poorly made mfj-1788 manual cover protects the tuning capacitor and its motor mvj-1788 the mfj-1788 manual coil from the elements, if the antenna is mounted outside, but it seems designed more to let rain run out than to keep it out in the first place.

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Tuning MFJ-1788

I am very pleased with this magloop. If you think of the loop as a wheel, then there is a null mfj-1788 manual the direction of the axle. Being that I am new mfj-1788 manual HF is the noise from the current the band conditions?