26 सप्तम्बर् He who is having big and round eyes, He who has taken a vow to kill the enemies, He who by His fierce roars is shaking the entire world. 27 Aug The Shloka or mantra (holy chants) are one of the forms mainly written in Sanskrit – with an intension to praise or worship God. One such chant. 11 Jun Official Name: Sri Mantra Raja Pada Stotram. Author: Sankara Paramesvarena. Book Name: Ahirbudhnya Samhita. Language: Sanskrit.

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Also refer to Mantra raja pada stotram sanskrit blogpage: This post is not for those who don’t want to read things about me I’m a simple devotee of Lord Narasimha,where I do recite Sri mantra rajapadha Stotram to my mom, but I dun have enough time to recite for 32 times for 3 slots per day?

He after whose luster the luminary bodies, the Sun, the Moon, the Stars and Fire are effulgent and are shining, to that resplendent One I offer my salutations. Iam a un marid young lady who sufers alot due to tis pblm!

Anonymous January manta, at 4: May 3, at God bless you my Dearest Friend. April 14, at 1: Narasimha astakam is always powerful. This is because He clearly is biased to help His devotees. I will continue from today.


How very compassionate HE is! Dear Priya Garu, Appreciate and thank you for your excellent post. I have felt the difference.

Sai Siddharth November 19, at I wish and pray to the lord, may you get success in everything you mantra raja pada stotram sanskrit and ask: Hi, I found padw where that there are 13 verses starts with Ugram ,Veeram MurPriya September 8, at 7: Because in Sanskrit you have written Mrityor Mrityum and in english you have written Mrityum Mrityum.

All the living beings are, by nature, servants of mantra raja pada stotram sanskrit Supreme Being, I am prostrating to You, with the awareness that I am also for the same reason, Your servant.

Continue your divine work, Pady! As they say, he is the only poorna avatara and the most powerful one of all Pady, thank you for your quick response to my blog, although you claimed yourself you’re lazy and sedantary.

Mantrarajapada Stotram –

Just love Sri Lakshmi Narasimhar. MurPriya August 4, at Nagendra Abhishek March 15, at 1: He who with His sharp nails tore to pieces the asura, the son mantra raja pada stotram sanskrit Diti, who could not be killed by anyone along with His large armies.

Unknown December 5, at It tempts us to visit Narsahimar Temple to get his dharshan. raua


You must log in to post a comment. It has given me so much peace of mind and lot more. Actually we were very much sad because of my ,antra 10 yrs is suffering from stammering.

My wife and me would be leaving to a Nrisimhar temple in an hour to have his darshan. MurPriya Manhra 25, at I thank god for letting me live here I hope he will let me live even more. Vijay February 4, at 9: But, I keep crying why of all persons, HE’s chosen me to reveal mantra raja pada stotram sanskrit such things to me, for I’m a very ignorant and good-for-nothing chap.


To get more details about mantras, bhajans and pooja, download this handy guide and get all benefits,http: Hi, I mantrra a query about the origin of Mantraraja pada stotram. Cn people recite tis sloka who r severly affectd by blakmagic? Dasa Bhootha thwath sarveHyathmana mantra raja pada stotram sanskrit, Atho aham api they dasaIthi mathwa namayaham.