Kalam Mian Muhammad Bakhsh Punjabi Poetry SMS. Mian Muhammad Bakhsh was a Punjabi Sufi poet from Kashmir (the region that’s adjacent to Jhelum.

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Do not be proud because the breath may or may not come, The body, which you keep so clean from the dust, ultimately has hakhsh dissolve into dust. Boatman is a soul and the worn out or broken boat i the body. Aapo apney qomey ander razi hey har kaee, Na jinsaan dee baadshaahee theen changee des gudaaee. Glass is a stone, so is a pearl. Worldly wealth does not accompany any one ti the world muhmamad come, Those who get rid of this dust and keep their hands and cloth clean are better than others.

God does not like a liar because his tongue loses blessings. The aliens walked away barefooted, all mixed into the dirt after they died, Say why the arrogance, O Muhammad Baksh? Every one is happy among his own people.

Kalam-Saif ul Malook-Hazrat Mian Muhammad Bakhsh – Video Dailymotion

If a big powerful gun demands your life, place your head before him instantly, A hundred sages will give you the same advice: If you perform justice, even people of pomp and show will tremble in fear. Jo shaair bey-peerraa howey sukhan shdey wee ruhkey, Bey-perrey theen shair na hundaa, aag bin duhwaan na dukkhey.

Pearls did not return to the shells, they attached to the string, The pods perished in dust after they fell down; they did not return to the tree. Reeds look like sugarcane but what differentiates them is that they lack the sugary juice as in the sugarcane. Ehnaa galan theen keeh labhdaa eyb kisey da karnaa, Aapna aap sanbhaal Muhammad jo karna so bharnaa. Chooa, chiraa te kutaa, billa ,har koee waan dharandaa, Too adam shehzada ho ke chhadeyn wassa gharaan daa.

One should not be proud of immense beauty, who is the inheritor of beauty? Jaan khetee da kakh naa rehyaa, naa sukkaa na haryaa, Kis kam duph sukawan waaley, kis kam baddal wahyaa. Every mouse, sparrow, dog and cat has a sense of belonging and attachment to his home, You are a prince, why are you leaving your home? Kaam tamaam muyassar hundey naam ohdaa chit dharyaan, Rehmoon sukey saawa kardaa qehron saarey haryaan.


Ilmey karan dunya uttey aawan hey insaanaa, Samjhey ilm baihsh apeney noonnaheen tan waang hewaanaan. Not for ever will the branches be green, not for ever will be the flower of the garden.

Jis chhadee eyh bachey khaan soyo sugharr seyanaa, Eysee ddaien naal Muhammad kaahnoon aqad nabhaanaa. Friendship based on greed is not durable. Your time of death today is stil far away, you will have time to left min your young, Do justice, and worship, at the end you will perish.

Your are unable to discover it. Pigeons with different colors, black, green or white were all essentially one in the beginning, their colors different afterwords. Jis sar sir ishq daa othay shehwat mool na wasdee, Jis dil hub sajan dee us wich hub naheen har kas dee.

Kaley pathar ghupey sardey, ander kan Badakhshan, Eyhaan wichon laal banaaey, be-behaa darkhshaan. Torey kuttey ban key wich watan diyaan galyaan, Dar dar bhaweyn dhikey khayey fer pardeson bhalyaan.

Peelaa mankaa neyrrey kharryey, kakh us noon ud mildey, Lalaan naal naheen ud chamraan, raah niyaarey dil dey. Aasey aasey umer guzari jhaley khar hazaraan, Mali bagh na wekhan deyndaa, aayan jadon baharaan. If we perform a hundred thousands acts of piety and worship, without love of what use? Muhammqd dose not hesitate from spending, He gifts without being asked, To the ones who asks, O Muhammad Baksh, He honors by bestowing wealth.

Mian Muhammad Baksh | Sufi Poetry

Kach vee mankaa laal vee manka, ikko rang dohaan daa, Jad srafaan aggey jawan, farq hazaar kohaan da. No one believes in what he says and all call him a liar. On by one my black hairs started leaving me, Grey bakkhsh has brought me the message to pack up and prepare for the eternal journey. World did not accompany anybody from here, everybody wen alone one after another, Those are mlan who kept their clothes clear of this dirt.

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Pir Meher Ali Shah. Who is at peace here? Burey bandey dee sohbat eeveyn jeeveyn dukaan oalam, Chhung chhung ke lakh kaprey behyey, chingaan peyn hazaaraan. He who is good himself regards all others as good.

Merge yourself in the One as the bubbles dissolve in water. Save yourself O Muhammad! In the world who did no help in bad and good times, From that useless companion, friends are better alone.

Bakhs sakht gulaban waaley doroon weykh na daryey, Chobhaan jhaley rat chawayey jhol phuleen tadh bharye. Shaan insaan jawan bhaley da malkaam naalon aggey khol naheen eh gal Mohammad, mat koi jhagrra lagey. He who is named Uchchaa pincer burns in the fire, O my dear Mohammad! Dard mandaan dey sukhan Muhammad, dehn gawahi haloon, Jis phul badhey howan, aaway baas rumaalon. Kaamil ishq Khudaaya bakhsheen, gher waloon mukh morraan, Hiko janaan, Hiko takkaan, Hiko aakhaan loraan.

Even shower of arrows or swords will not frighten real lovers, O Mohammad Baksh! The human body is the cage for the soul Bird. Uchchee jae niyoon lagaaya bane museebat bhaaree, Yaaraan bajh Muhammad Bakhshaa koan karey gham-khaaree. Not for ever will the paper be sold in the bazaar, not for ever will the hustle be in the cities, Not forever is the good time of youth, not for ever are these waves in the river.

Ishqey karaan adam keetaa mehram yaar yagaanaa, Aahey malek ibadet jogey, keeh haajet insaanaa. Be patient and never lose hope.