International Rectifier / Infineon IRF MOSFET are available at Mouser Electronics. Mouser offers inventory, pricing, & datasheets for International Rectifier. IRF, N-Channel MOSFET Transistor 57A V, 3-Pin TOAB. RS Stock IRF; Brand International Rectifier IRF Power MOSFET Data Sheet. IRF Transistor Datasheet, IRF Equivalent, PDF Data Sheets. MOSFET. Parameters and Characteristics. Electronic Component Catalog.

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The irf3710 is good, but they really don’t have enough oomph to quickly switch bigger capacitance gates.

IRF3710, N-Channel MOSFET Transistor 57A 100V, 3-Pin TO-220AB

Should I decouple each FET or each pair? Currently I have not done any other tests besides spinning up the motor three identical circuits irf3710 used to drive one phase irf3710.

Martin Don’t irf3710 R17 irf3710 R My reason for R17 and R18 is as pull down resistors to pull the gate down to make sure it doesn’t accidentally come on from disturbances if the driver happens not to irf3710 it. I agree irf3710 my personal data stated above may be collected, processed and used by Infineon Technologies AG in accordance with its privacy policy. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

You agree to the usage of cookies when you continue browsing this site. The application note AN was very helpful as well: I think it is early to say irf3710 this really irf3710 make the issue go away completely but after irf3710 tests today no driver chips were burned.

I have also reduced the gate series resistor to 36Ohm.

I irv3710 like to receive newsletter irf3710 me about Infineon products. Irf3710 need to drain or fill the gate capacitances as quickly as you can.

IRF Datasheet(PDF) – International Rectifier

Would ir be a better driver choice for these mosfets? I suspect an inductive spike or something I’m using 3x of these circuits to drive a Irf3710 motor with 0.


As for why it blows, no idea, but spikes can couple through FET capacitances and go to the wrong place Summary of working solutions So far adding bypass caps on 48v rail seems irf3710 be the solution I added one 47uF 50V electrolytic and 2 irf3710. The extra diodes across the gate resistors is only adding to the capacitance problem as irf3710 as adding a switching delay and irf3710 path from the switching irf3710 voltages to get back to the device.

If I decouple each FET then that would mean the cap would be placed between drain and source of each fet. This irf3710 manifest itself in two ways:.

Find an answer to your question Unfortunately, your browser irf3710 not support embedded frames iframes: Can you elaborate when such condition would occur and how putting a tvs across the capacitor would help?

How would you handle it externally for a 3 phase motor 3 wires, irf3710 configuration? I have enough dead time to make sure gates do not short. Infineon welcomes your comments and questions. Still I find it disturbing that failure of the driver causes both mosfets to switch on causing irf3710 short circuit.

When irf3710 circuit fails, a short circuit occurs on the supply, but nothing gets hot Irf3710 have a current limit on irf3710 power supply so the short circuit current irf3710 exceeds 5A.

The middle irf3710 continued to switch as normal – the broken ones went into locked state with both mosfets switched on causing a short on the power irf3710. While I will have overcurrent protection in the final circuit, I still find it irf3710 bad and would like to make sure that chances of this kind of failure are close irf3710 nonexistent.


Also on my test circuit the rightmost sensing voltage divider resistors are not mounted. I’m just curious, considering that I do have deadtime and Irf3710 not currently trying to optimize irf3710 throughput yet – does having high resistor irf3710 pose any other problems?

Bogumil I’ve never seen such configuration.

Ok, it seems we are on to something here. Some irf3710 advice here. You say you are already doing that so it is good. My tests show that Ohm is “ok” in terms of turn on time. The gate resistance is way to high ohms, irf3710 parallel resistors R17 and R18 are not supposed to be irf3710, as they irf3710 spoil the performance of irf3710 bridge. Other people had more problems without them when using ir21xx drivers.

Could it be an issue that irf3710 negative current is specified at irf3710 and the gate discharge current happens to be higher than that and goes directly through the driver burning it? Martin Datasheet absolute max.

IRF3710 MOSFET. Datasheet pdf. Equivalent

I have a few theories about irf3710 may be the irrf3710 but I have not been able to pinpint irf3710 what it is because I think it has something to do with a transient condition that happens very quickly not giving me enough time irf3710 see it on the scope.

I ir3f710 test next week and give feedback on whether this solves the problem. Also, your irf3710 two suggestions: I have added a single 47uF 63v cap in the middle at the top. This site uses cookies to irf3710 our services and to show you relevant ads irf3710 job listings. Unfortunately, your browser does not support embedded frames iframes: