Discusses Ibn Tufayl’s Hayy Ibn Yaqzan as a philosophical story of solitude, mysticism, and understanding. 15 Apr Memorial lecture delivered each year. This year we are publishing the lecture “ Ibn Tufayl’s Philosophical Novel Hayy b. Yaqzan and the Quest. Hayy Ibn Yaqzan would probably have never seen the light had its author not been the special prottgt of this same prince. The historical records that survive tell .

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This is a standard disclaimer safely affirming religious conformity. If the universe indeed sprang up Ex-nihilo, then it could not have created itself, but must have had an immaterial cause in order to bring matter into existence. Ibn Tufayl was neither a Deist, Quaker nor an empiricist a la Locke.

Ibn Tufayl stands at a crossroads between Muhammadan and Platonic conceptions.

But his fears are dropped soon as he comes to know that Hayy does not have a clue to any language. It is not enough to have Orthodox beliefs. Yet Ibn Tufayl recognized and pursued, even in the structure of a didactic tale, important themes promoting the benefits of solitude, adding an important contribution to questions of human nature, social development, and mystical thought. It takes two times the energy to move an object twice the size.

And so, concludes Ibn Tufayl of Hayy and Absal, the hermits “served God until man’s certain fate overtook them. But Crusoe, alone, doesn’t get much further intellectually from his experience, either.

The protagonist Hayy ibn Yaqzan grows up from infancy to adulthood on a uninhabited island.

Nothing New Under the Sun

Thus Ibn Tufayl insists that mystical experience is the highest form of knowledge and can be attained through reason and disposition. After breaking through the pericardium, he opens up the heart and finds that it has two halves, one of which is full of congealed blood, the other…empty. You are commenting using your Twitter account. He then began to contemplate the heavens, and the bodies that were there. Hayy had learned that his ultimate happiness and triumph over misery would be won only if he could make his awareness of the Necessarily Existent, so continuous that nothing could distract him from it for an instant Hayy soon learned to imitate the call of all animals, not just of Gazelle, and he could speak and communicate to them for the purposes he came upon.


He comes to three conclusions. The second part of Ibn Tufayl’s Hayy Ibn Yaqzan makes a thoughtful foray into the social dimension of his now finely-honed protagonist, anticipating what the later writers cited above do in laying out social consequences for their respective protagonists.

Hayy ibn Yaqdhan – Wikipedia

Translating it into Latin, Edward Pococke bestowed a title upon the work that betrays his own particular reading: Society, he concludes, is a catalog of passions, worldliness, arrogance, stubbornness and ignorance.

Avicenna taught himself and so therefore could Hayy Ibn Yaqzan.

Upon her death, the young Hayy suffers the taunts and attacks of other animals until he moves into a cave and discovers fire. The message of the Quran concisely explained, helping for an exhaustive reading of the text. His true self was the truth. And yet brilliant as Ibn Rushd was, he was not a creative writer. Also he keeps his body immaculately clean because the stars are luminous and untaintedmoves in Sufi-like circular motions to imitate orbitsand fixes his mind on the Necessarily Existent Being.

All these members were fitted to do their function, but none of them could function without the soul that was animating it. He and the doe were inseperable, she always leading him to good water and good food, helping him crack hard nuts open so he could eat them and they protected each other and spoke to each other in calls suited for animals.


Upon rescue, Crusoe profits from selling the loyal Xury into slavery and is pleased to learn that his Brazilian plantation, with its slave labor, is doing nicely.

God was understood to be the First Mover of Aristotelian physics, the originator who brought about the world either through an act of Will or out of Necessity, as explained by Aristotle in the fourth century b. In this story, the infant of a royal family is cast away at sea but is miraculously delivered to an island refuge where he is raised by a deer.

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By the age of two, Hayy learned to walk and went foraging with his gazelle-mother. His dissatisfaction with intellectual progress in his day is apparent in the introduction to Hayy ibn Yaqzan.

That the Earth not heated through convection or contact or motion, since the Sun is itself not hot, and the Earth is not moving, nor does the air heat evenly. The Islam in Islamic Terrorism: Tuffayl grows strong among the deer, living and grazing amongst them. Rocks are like transparent objects, vegetables and animals are like the non-polished opaque objects, and man would be like the polished objects.