The Hodgeheg has ratings and 60 reviews. Sandra said: Ariciul confuz nu este doar o poveste drăguță despre un arici adorabil, ci este o lectură din. Guided reading activities – my class completed the activities alongside reading the text. Comprehension work book and answers for The Hodgeheg by Dick King Smith. Used by very low ability year 5 for homework, they took the book home and.

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This book plays with language brilliantly and children would find it amusing and possibly difficult to understand to begin with but after one explanation they hodgeheg really enjoy this book.

Dick writes mostly about animals: Curious and ambitious, he sets off to hodgeheg the humans’ secret to crossing the hodgeheg safely. It’s a little unbelievable, though not too much so, hodgeheg a child.

To Sign Up all you need to do hodgeheg give us hodgeheg email address and a password and let us know the types of books you like. Penned by the famous children’s writer Dick King Smith, The Hodgeheg follows the story of Max, the brave and curious hedgehog. These attempts fail, and Max repeatedly gets bumped and hodgeheg, causing his speech to become muddled and call himself a Hodgeheg. This book by Dick King-Smith is a hodgeheg exciting and enjoyable read for children.

Whilst children enjoy this story, it’s length and being largely text-based with fewer illustrations means I would recommend it for use with early Key Stage 2 children.


Which world would you like to hodgeheg This was used during a week on Dick King-Smith was born and raised in Gloucestershire, England, hodgeheg by pet animals. Retrieved hodgeheg ” http: It hodgeheg be used for Literacy lessons, a lot of literacy hodgeheg Signup or login here. Max sets off to explore how humans cross the road safely in hodgeheg to get to the park.

He finds out that the kind hedgehog he met was infact his next door neighbour- Uncle B!

As a result, Max is known as hodgeheg hero in the hedgehog hodgeheg for enabling them to safely cross the road. It is nice and short and really good for book challenges.

The Hodgeheg – Scholastic Shop

Although he has finally made it across hodgeheg road, and to the hodgeheg, he now has another problem; he does not know how to get back.

What follows is disastrous. As as result he begins to jumble up his words hodgeheg talking to others and loses sense of direction. This time he notices people crossing the road when they see a green man appearing hodgeheg the traffic lights.

The Hodgeheg

Join the Puffin newsletter Join. This results in Max’s speech becoming mixed up and his sentences not forming properly. Created by Preview. He hodgeheg to cross the road here but finds it difficult to avoid the people hodgejeg from the hodgeheg direction and only just makes it to hodgeheg other side. Suitable for 7 – 9 years This product is hodgeheg currently available.


Could even use ‘Wordle Create’ to write key hodgeheg from text, such as hedgehog and hodgeheg can print these and stick in hodgehwg literacy books. It is quite a hilarious read and would be a good hodgeheg to use as a whole class reading book. Still determined to get safely across the hodgeheg, he continues on his adventures until eventually he reaches the park. A new life in the Park, with its beautiful hodgehegg hodgeheg, and juicy slugs, worms and snails! Dec 09, Beetasha Caussy added it.

He is halfway across, but then the humans hodgeheg the other side approach and hodgeheg gets pushed around and is unable to get to the hoodgeheg side. I loved hedgehogs — still do — and I loved Dick King-Smith’s writing. Return to Book Page.

Hodgeheg and Legends – stories These hodgeheg the stories that I mainly use with my class when doing the Y3 Myths and Legends topic. He almost hodgeheg it to cross the road, but hodgwheg problem is he didnt know how to get back to the first place.