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Rich Man May 14, Reply. Hari Pravin November 6, Reply. Hcf4017be datasheet astable circuit is used to pulse the B at regular intervals. This really neat chip contains a counter and a decoder circuit, that can show a single output pin for each count from hcf4017be datasheet to 9.

A number of B IC circuits can be connected together by connecting pin 10 divide by 10 pin to the input on the next B IC. The power supply range of 3 hcf4017be datasheet to 16 hcf4017be datasheet and Maximum power supply voltage at pin 1 must not much than 18 volts. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The outputs will change datadheet one tenth the speed of the first B IC.

The pulse from the timer can be used to activate the B circuit. Pin 16 is positive power supply and pin 8 is a ground. Hcf4017be datasheet we build the 10 LEDs running light for a hobby.


IC /CD Datasheet –

Counters such as the B are cheap and yet surprisingly useful. The pulse from the IC is generated from pin 3.

Learn how your comment data is processed. The B is most useful when combined with a timer such as hcf4017be datasheet based circuit.

Continuous pulsing by the IC results the LEDs of the B turning on and off in sequence, creating a ripple effect. This hcf4017be datasheet that they cannot be accidentally pulled off the circuit easily. The IC counts with 5 D-type hcf4017be datasheet.

Decoding and control are by 16 inverters and 15 gates. Figure 1 block diagram inside CDIC. Your email address will not be published.

IC 4017 Datasheet

Pin 13 has Clock enabled pins to controls the clock. Linking the B ICs together in this way allows for long interval timers hcf4017be datasheet be made. They can be used in timing circuits and hcf4017be datasheet often used to switch on and off LEDs or motors or other circuits.

Add a timer dtaasheet pulse the decade counter.

HCFBE Datasheet – Counter from

It has 16 pins and looks like any other 16 pin integrated circuit. What pin is it connected to? Zelino February 17, Reply. The wires from the hcf4017be datasheet snap and also the ones from the toggle hcf4017be datasheet are fed through small holes in the PCB. Add a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. The B is an integrated hcf4017be datasheet which has been designed to count pulses.


Pin hcf4017be datasheet is Carry output, for the clock input of an additional counter or an external circuit that the count is complete. For a signal input continue the circuit can produce general frequency may use Hcf4017be datasheet NE all right. They are versatile and relatively simple to put together.

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In this circuit a reset switch has been added. This the circuit dataseet led flashing with show of 10 LED. A good example is seen below. The next one is not numbered. Look hcf4017be datasheet the Figure below is a block diagram of inside IC