1 May Hamas is preparing to unveil changes to its founding charter that slightly moderates its hard-line position toward Israel. The Hamas Charter (). Overtly anti-Semitic and anti-West, radical. Islamic in outlook, it stresses Hamas’ ideological commitment to destroy the State of Israel. 2 May Hamas explains general principles and objectives in article document. Yahya Sinwar, leader of Hamas in Gaza, and senior political leader Ismail .. Hamas reforms founding charter in bid to end international isolation #.

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Per Nathan Thrallan analyst working for the International Crisis Group hamas charter, the original charter had been a long source of embarrassment among the reformists in the movement.

Hamas Covenant – Wikipedia

The Zionist invasion is a vicious hamas charter. As for the other Arab and Islamic countries, they are asked to facilitate the movement of the fighters from and to it, and this hamas charter the least thing they could do. Even when it differs from them in one aspect or another or on one concept or another, it agrees with them in other aspects and concepts.

From time to time a clamoring is voiced, to hold an International Conference in search for a solution to the problem.

Anything contrary or contradictory to these trends, is a lie disseminated by enemies or their lackeys for the purpose of sowing confusion, disrupting the ranks and occupy them with side issues.

Among other things, they hold solidarity meetings, issue explanatory publications, supportive articles and tendentious leaflets to make the masses aware of the Palestinian issue, the problems it faces and of the plans to resolve them; and they should mobilize the Islamic nations, hamas charter, educationally and culturally, so that these peoples would be equipped to perform their role in the decisive battle of liberation, just as hamas charter did when they vanquished the Crusaders and the Tatars and saved human civilization.

Thus, people and things will revert to their true place. Israel builds wall deep underground to thwart Hamas tunnels.

Hamas charter takes care of human rights and is guided by Islamic tolerance when dealing with the followers of other religions. Hamas charter will not harm you save a trifling hurt, and if they fight against you they will turn and flee. Unto Allah, you hamas charter all return. And that it how we view it. Therefore, we must pay attention to the schools and curriculi upon which Muslim girls are educated, so as to make them righteous mothers, who are conscious of their duties in the war of hamas charter.


Allah had inspired the Muslim poet, Mohamed Ikbal, when he wrote: The organization is best known for its suicide bombings hamas charter other attacks mainly directed at Israeli civilians. Let every realize that hamas charter is accountable to Allah.

But Allah is the Lord of kindness to [His] hamas charter. It does not seek material gains, personal fame, nor does it look for a reward from others. We hamas charter accord the Islamic [young] generations in our area, an Islamic education based on the implementation of hamas charter precepts, on the conscientious study of the Book of Allah; on the Study of the Prophetic Tradition, on the hzmas of Islamic history and hamas charter from its reliable sources, under the guidance of experts and scientists; and on singling out the paths which constitute for the Muslims sound concepts of thinking and faith.

You are more awful as a fear in their bosoms than Allah. The masses are part of them and they are part of the masses. We must spread the spirit of Jihad among the [Islamic] Umma, hamas charter with the enemies and join the ranks of chartee Jihad fighters. Article Four The Movement welcomes all Muslims who share its beliefs and thinking, commit themselves to its course of action, keep its secrets and aspire to join its ranks in order to carry out their duty.

Hamas presents new charter accepting a Palestine based on 1967 borders

hamas charter Knowing the parties constituting the chartsr, their past and present attitudes towards Moslem problems, the Islamic Resistance Movement does not consider these conferences capable of realising the demands, restoring the rights or doing justice to the oppressed. No Arab country nor the aggregate of all Arab countries, and no Arab King or President nor all of them in the aggregate, have that right, nor has that right any organization hamas charter the aggregate of all organizations, be they Palestinian or Arab, because Palestine is an Islamic Waqf throughout all hamas charter and to the Day of Resurrection.

It is in this light that the Movement has to be regarded, evaluated and acknowledged. This is the base on which all Muslims have to regard the problem; this has to be understood by all Muslims. hamas charter

In face of the Jews’ usurpation of Palestine, it is compulsory that the banner of Jihad be raised. In all that, they fear Allah and charrter the banner of Jihad in the face of the hamas charter, so that hamas charter would rid the land and the people of their uncleanliness, vileness and evils.


Hamas Covenant

Because of the situations surrounding the formation of the Organization, of the ideological confusion prevailing in the Arab world as a result of the ideological invasion under whose influence the Arab world has fallen since the defeat of hamas charter Crusaders and which was, and still is, intensified through orientalists, missionaries and imperialists, the Organization adopted the idea of the secular state. He, only He, is the Hearer, the Seer.

It is necessary that scientists, educators and teachers, information and media people, as well as the educated masses, especially the youth and sheikhs of the Islamic hamas charter, should take part in the operation of awakening the masses. One’s cousin hamas charter the wing one hamas charter with – could the bird fly without wings? Whoever denigrates its worth, or avoids supporting it, or is so blind as to dismiss its role, is challenging Fate itself.

It detests opportunism hamas charter desires only the good of people, individuals and groups alike. And remember Allah’s favor hamas charter you how ye were enemies and He made friendship between your hearts so that ye became as brothers by His grace; and how ye were upon the brink of an abyss of fire, and He did save you from it.

Hamas rejects all the hamas charter, initiatives and settlement projects that are aimed at undermining the Palestinian cause and the hamas charter of our Palestinian people. The west has a unique opportunity to help end the Gaza stalemate. It confirms to all those who are integrated in it, or sympathetic towards it, that the Islamic Resistance Movement is a fighting movement that has a moral and enlightened look of life and the way it should cooperate with the other movements.

Its members have been fed on that. We cannot fail to remind every Muslim that when the Jews occupied Holy Jerusalem in and stood at the doorstep of the Blessed Aqsa Mosque, they shouted with joy: