18 Feb Given that, I expected Kenzer & Company’s HackMaster Basic to draw heavily on D&D Basic for inspiration. Other than its title and its cover. (4th Edition); (Basic); (5th Edition). Genre(s), fantasy. System(s), Custom, derived from AD&D system. Spun off from the Knights of the Dinner Table comic strip. HackMaster is a fantasy role-playing game produced by Kenzer & Company. It began as a. 11 Aug HackMaster Basic (free) – Congratulations! In a world where there.

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The book begins with 6 pages of “quick start rules,” which, despite the name, focus more on quickly generating a character rather than teaching you how to play the game. Taking on multiple foes, even if far inferior to your character, can be bad news. In the 5th edition of the game, the setting has been switched to Kenzerco’s ” Kingdoms of Kalamar ” KoK setting.

Its glory is that this a game you can really sink hasic teeth into; it’s not an airy, calorie-free indie game but a super-sized bacon cheeseburger of the old school variety.

Sign in to get custom notifications of new products! The monster section is solid and includes a good basc of creatures to use, while the treasure section is a bit spottier, which I suppose is to be expected given HackMaster Basic ‘s focus on levels Taken together, it’s all a bit much for my tastes, but, like the random detailed character backgrounds height, weight, handedness, family ties, etc. Will Mistretta February 21, at 9: What have you got to lose? Gone are the days of waiting around for your ‘turn’, of battling static opponents or of being anything but totally in charge of your own destiny.

HackMaster Basic is Great | HackMaster (5th Edition – Basic & Advanced) | RPGGeek

Less so in Hackmaster Basic. The book is well illustrated throughout, with art ranging from the cartoony to the realistic. To everyone bashing the dice chapter: HM is a game of hard choices for each hackmsster.


Languages Nederlands Edit links. HMB plays different from how it may seem at first read through. So I believe that there’s quite a market for HackMaster out there. It’s preserving the Hackmaster attitude.


The problem arises with, as I keep saying, the conjunction between the cover art and the word “basic,” which naturally conjures up very different hacomaster in people not already plugged into the HM community and the development of the 5th edition of the game.

Instead of cutting some of the actual content, they took the dice chapter from HM4 and added a hackmastrr to it the day the print run was to start.

You said it best “it’ll appeal greatly to the kind of people it appeals to” And, truthfully, I think that’s awesome. It was just not basic enough for me; I will never play it, and will probably give it away to a grad student. Lots of people will — and have, if my comments are at all representative — defend the dice chapter as an important part of the game, denying that it’s a joke at all but rather a celebration of their quirky, irreverent style of play.

It’s basic only in comparison to what is coming, though to be honest, I”m of mixed opinions here. The BEST advice is to just nackmaster the game with an open mind, ready to learn. Rick February 18, at 3: Rather than leaving the pages blank, they inserted the dice chapter.

This is an interesting design choice that I think goes hacckmaster of the way toward addressing the usual whines about old school randomness without reducing HackMaster Basic to yet another bland point-buy system. The game includes an official player’s handbook, an alternate campaign setting changed from Garweeze Wurld to Kingdoms of Kalamar, a comprehensive, one-volume bestiary called the Hacklopedia of Beasts, and a GM’s guide.


What I love about this is that encounters such as orcs and goblins are still dangerous at higher levels.

I’ve been running a campaign now for a little over 6 months and our group has been really enjoying it. The game basif include a helpful 9-page, text-heavy Knights of the Dinner Table comic strip to hackmazter how combat works. That it does this nasic pretension or self-seriousness and without descending into parody is a pretty remarkable thing. Best, Mark Plemmons Kenzer and Company.

On the subject of “gamer culture” and HackmasterI gave up on the original comics very early on, as they completely went over my head. As I noted earlier, HackMaster Basic includes not only quirks and flaws minor advantages and disadvantagesbut also skills, talents, and proficiencies, each of which is subtly different in concept and mechanics. The Prophecy of Shardar D I think that’s a perfectly valid point of view, even if my own sympathies lie hacknaster.

Fortunately, I was able to sell the book over Amazon for almost my full purchase price. And yet, I somehow missed that Kenzer Co. In fairness, I should add that dice “penetrate” in HackMasterwhich means you get to re-roll and add if your first roll is a hackmzster result. We did a lot more character creation and laughing than playing in 4th Ed. Likewise, while each race can take any class, choosing a class “against type” — a halfling mage, say — costs more BPs than choosing a class more in keeping with the race’s archetype.