Godless, a young adult novel by Pete Hautman, was published in by Simon & Schuster. It won the annual U.S. National Book Award for Young People’s. Godless [Pete Hautman] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Why mess around with Catholicism when you can have your own customized. Free summary and analysis of the events in Pete Hautman’s godless that won’t make you snore. We promise.

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I thought the book was pretty well paced overall. When the Chutengodians hold their first ceremony high atop the dome of the water tower, things quickly go from merely dangerous to terrifying and deadly.

There was one girl in the whole novel and her only role was that of a love interest. Thou shalt not eat asparagus. Jason finds his sermons and church services boring.

Dan, Shin, Magda, Jason, and Henry managed to get up to the top. I like discovering new books that no one has read yet, and help make it worthy of a seal.

It’s just a game somebody made up. How would you explain Jason’s ideas and actions? Circle the name of the character you believe is the strongest influence on Jason.

Jack got blamed for the whole thing even though the whole thing was not his fault, but his father said that his friends are always going to do what Jack says. He enjoys messing with Just Al, the “head brainwasher,”.

Children’s Book Review: GODLESS by Pete Hautman, Author . S&S $ (p) ISBN

Follow your essay or list with a paragraph explaining why you do or do not think questioning your faith is a beneficial exercise.

All you need is a god and some disciples. The author does an amazing job at showing rather than telling everything from the c This book was very clever and thought-provoking without ever crossing over into that territory where I feel like an author is patting himself on the back the whole time he’s writing, thinking “I’m SOOO smart to think of this.


While Jason struggles to keep the faith pure, Shin obsesses over writing their bible, and the explosive Henry schemes to make the new faith even more exciting — and dangerous.

What I really liked about this book was the why the author was able to write about such a taboo topic, noting believing in a religion. Everybody should have at least one ordinary friend and Dan is as ordinary as they come.

Hautman gives us an original take on organized religion and breaking away from the norm. As an LDS, I was a little apprehensive about his interpretation about my religion, but he simply commented, “Reading his story I thought, wow–what an incredible coming-of-age story that is!

This was a waste of my time. I would recommend this book only for the themes not of religion but making your own decisions. Dec 10, Jason Kurtz rated it it was amazing Shelves: Pete lives in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

With what, who knows In chapter fourteen, Jason observes that leading a “growing religion” requires “too much politics. One night the kids decided to climb on top of the tower with the help of Henry Stagg. Then they climb the tower, go swimming in the tank and piss off the entire town.

But while one of them was trying to get his boots on he slipped and something terrible happened. One Tuesday, he five Chutengodians have their first Midnight Mass – on top of the tower itself. The problem with me reading books that I will probably relate to is that I will probably get chided by people because they, too, like me, judge books by their covers.

This is the start of the trouble, for Henry the bully wants all to meet at the top of the tower and swim inside, and it ends with Henry falling off the top to the catwalk below.


In some parts the tone of the charters would be serious and then comical. Jason soon realizes that inventing a religion is a lot easier than controlling it, but control it he must, before his creation destroys both his friends and himself.

Free eBook hauhman to NEW subscribers only. Chutengodians have an immediate feeling of power and grace when they climb the tower and look down upon creation the lights of the town, the glow of the horizon, the night sky all around. Why does Jason follow Shin to the water tower in chapter twenty-seven? He has a collection of Velociraptors in his garage, which he cherishes.

It definitely had literary value but there were just some aspects that made me really angry. I also asked some of his questions. Does Shin need Jason’s protection? What is a more essential compound than water?

Jan 28, Swankivy rated it really liked it Shelves: Why not worship a water tower? In the course of the story, does Shin hold any power over Jason? This book could have godlwss very interesting and thought-provoking. I like this book because it gdless me think of my ah So overall mixed feelings, but I do like that the book exists and won an award. Why doesn’t Jason consult Shin before inviting new group members and adding to the rules of the faith?

It does, however, provide a critique of fanaticism as well as the ability of religion to move people to action they’d normally not undertake. Is this a good book for 8th graders? He lives in Minnesota and Wisconsin.