31 Aug Panel Members. Prof. Madhav Gadgil the Western Ghats Ecology Expert Panel by the Ministry of Environment and Forests of the The report embodies among other things (i) categorization of the Western Ghats into three. 26 May Gadgil, M. (). Report of the Western Ghats Ecology Expert Panel, Part I. New Delhi: Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of. 31 Aug Gadgil, who headed the Western Ghats Ecology Expert Panel, said that the recommendations of the Kasturirangan committee contains.

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The landscape needs to be viewed in its entirety — and this is exactly what conservationists working in the region hoped ecological reports on landscape-based conservation efforts in the Gadgik Ghats would bring forth. The Gadgil report was submitted in If Gadgil report laid too much importance to the environment, Kasturirangan report was biased towards development. The member panel, constituted to examine the Western Ghats ecology expert panel report prepared under the leadership of environmentalist Madhav Gadgil, has also moved away from the suggestions of the Gadgil panel.

It was a great scientific violation”, he said. The MoEF recently came out with the order, and according to directions under Section 5 of the Environment Protection Act,bars mining in ecologically fragile areas EFA not to be confused with ESA rport, setting up of thermal plants and restricts buildings to less than 20, sq ft in villages mentioned in the K.

Anthropocene Earth system governance Ecological modernization Environmental governance Environmentalism Global catastrophic risk Human impact on the environment Planetary boundaries Social sustainability Stewardship Sustainable development. Gadgil also said the Kasturirangan report did not give special attention to the water resources in the Western Ghats.

The lobby told the people that the report was against farmers and they would have to leave the area. I am surprised that a man of his stature put such statement on his report”, he said.

People realised they were going to be completely suppressed. Chinnappa, a forest officer who has worked extensively in the Nagarahole National Park and is now the president of Wildlife First, a conservation NGO working to preserve biodiversity in the Western Ghats region.


So guess who intervened by this time? Alongside such biodiversity, the ghats also support about 50 million people. As Kerala faces its worst floods in several decadesMadhav Gadgil, the author of a landmark report on the conservation of the Western Ghats created said that Kerala Floods are partly man-made. The Kasturirangan report removed the system of gradation recommended by the Gadgil commission.

Kerala floods: The prescriptions for the Western Ghats | The Indian Express

A look at some of the main recommendations of the Gadgil report, how these were substantially relaxed by a subsequent committee led by space scientist K Kasturirangan, and whether implementation of the first report would have made any difference to the Kerala crisis:.

The rolling hills of this area run parallel to the western coast of the Indian peninsula and span six states: The Kasturirangan report only more or less talks about government controlled forests and how to protect those. Speakers pointed to threats to the ecosystem from construction, mining, industries, real estate, and hydropower. Sri Lanka lose half side in run gaegil 17 mins ago.

It had suggested three levels of categorization where regulatory measures for protection would be imposed and had recommended the establishment of the Western Ghats Ecology Authority for management of the Ghats.

Home Explained Kerala floods: According to environmentalists, the committee’s recommendations were strong enough to protect the sensitive Western Ghat region. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Now share the story Too bad. Considering that the Kasturirangan report was strong on the science as well as policy, the government could have spread some awareness about it and its recommendations by commissioning a people-friendly version, Krishnan said.

Notify me of new posts by email. Ministry of environment and forests kept the Gadgil report in safe custody for eight months with them. In one of the demonstrations, in Kozhikode district, I think, the stone quarrying mafia organised stone pelting against the demonstrators.

Kerala floods: The prescriptions for the Western Ghats

Your email address will not be published. He writes on Environment, Clim How Kerala population density compares with rest of India.


Then the matter is taken to the Delhi high court and only when the court passed an order, the ministry released the report! The remaining 15 percent area would become ESZ Whenever we study environment, the deport topic of debate is between environment and development.

Gadgil Committee – Wikipedia

None of the six concerned states agreed with the recommendations of the Gadgil Committee, which submitted its report in August its official public release was cancelled. However, there was one particular recommendation that was more contentious than the rest. It was only this part that the committee said needed to be classified as ecologically sensitive area ESA. The total area in this boundary came to 1,29, square km, running about 1.

Who bothers to read a page report, that too in English, uh! Get real-time alerts and all the news on your phone with the all-new India Today app. Centre issued an office order in November directing immediate implementation of five proposals in the Kasturirangan report.

Red alert for 13 districts, PM Modi to visit flood-affected areas. Dialogues were still on and the government had asked the state gwdgil to submit their views on the report. He also called it a “man-made calamity”. The report met with resistance from the governments of all six stakeholder states. This committee submitted its report in April Notify me of follow-up comments by email. It proposed that this entire area be designated as ecologically sensitive area ESA.

The Western Ghats needs high attention in the sustainability aspect of whole India and especially South India.

He said that the committee report had recommended to protect the resources with the cooperation of local self governments and people, but those recommendations were rejected. Retrieved 1 November Their activities, together with rainfall and features of the soil, have increased the incidence of landslides.