by Frank Channing Haddock, M. S., Ph. D. PART POWER FOR PRINCIPLE –The best use of self demands that it be understood. Our ideal specimen of. How the Brain Uses Success-Magnetism Frank Channing Haddock The factors thus indicated suggest and make into Psychic Demand and its Law. 16 Oct How the Brain Uses Success-Magnetism Frank Channing Haddock The factors thus indicated suggest and make into Psychic Demand and its.

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The demand must be positive, not negative, doubtful or uncertain.


If you have energetically observed its directions, you have developed both varieties; but, above that, you have also combined them into one living whole, the magnetic personality.

And there are still more hidden, stunting fears developed by the un-religious teachings of blind, bigoted, crafty Religion. In the employment of magnetism, long-run purpose establishes etheric character, and specialized purpose confirms that character if it concentrates the general purpose, but confuses that character, perhaps destroys it, if it antagonizes the general purpose.

Success-Magnetism is not an accomplishment merely; it is a practical power. If you project, that surface through to III, you are a fine moral person.

Psychic Magnetism assists Moral Health; Call it what you will. I deny that health is not my rightful claim. The first duty of man is practical sanity.

The magnetic attitudes, faith, demand and affirmation, constitute a magnetic telescope through which the distant goal of success is magnified and all nearer obstacles, lures and fgank conditions are closed out of view.

If you have toiled for the goal you have used the results, and experience, the greatest of teachers, has instructed you in the art of employing the etheric talent. Soul of YOU, awaken! Let it be understood, now, that by normal fear is here meant normal reason–real fear being denied place and function altogether. But let us say that the warning should be understood as given to reason, that fear need not appear at all, and that the panic is perfectly useless pain.


The demand must be intelligent and concentrated, and the activity must be unwearied, confident and consistent. I deny that I am less than a king. Magnetic success demands the direct attack when etheric harmony of “tone” is assured, but the indirect method otherwise; that is, such attack-methods as will secure that harmony. Relays of races, rugged and long, Up the peaks rising and blending!

This breath consists of two general activities, that of Denial and that of Affirmation. In this forefending, how can we escape fear? Magnetism develops in direct proportion to the difficulty of environment. And you are finally urged to psyhic to the first lesson and to repeat the work, greatly improved, through which you have passed.

Self-pity, complaint, and hxddock kindred states, confuse, weaken and waste every variety of magnetic power, while heroic acceptance of conditions for their betterment, and courageous assertion of self as master, conserve and enormously develop the noblest magnetism in proportion to the sway of the magnetic intention.

Passing the brief “Introductory” matter, you start in lesson one– haaddock World’s New Dawn,” laying the foundation for Courage-power. Moral Health is indispensable to Psychic Magnetism; 6. I deny that I am mean, low or ignoble in morals. The old adjustments no longer satisfy. The reaction has always a good intention, meaning, in each case, “Take care!


If you can remember that the White Life or Universe and you have the same desire, your highest welfare, you can banish the fear-element, reserving only the reason-assurance element. And when fear vanishes, replaced by the WHITE LIFE, selfishness will die as impossible, and thought will no longer be false for the reason that only truth will be possessed. This equation’s writ In every scene: The instant recognition of faces and recollection of names is intensely magnetic.


Of victim and the torturing bird, Of black vindictiveness and suffering Will, Rived forever, yet for aye supreme,– Heroizes the deed and soul And wreaks on canvas and in drama high Its passionate admiration.

Such phases of reason are legitimate in their place, if freed from cunning and deceit, but the higher reason is to these as a woman’s love–look is to the glitter of ice. Now this is precisely the point.

The subject before us has been vast and profound. You must be logged in to post a comment. These statements are placed here because, had they appeared at the beginning of our work, the outlook would have seemed, perhaps, discouraging, but more especially because they would not have been understood.

Run, sea, in my heart! I deny the existence of error, so far as I am concerned. He is indeed despicable demanc cannot look onwards to psychci ideal life of man.

The New Day is for each: One reason for this is the common misunderstanding of what fear really is. The principles and methods herein set forth should not be laid aside, at least haddovk, nor forgotten, but should be worked into the very fibre of your being.

All things are yours.

Harmony and courage will sublime your whole life. By the reality called reason I do not mean mere cold calculation and hard logic. If you have read it correctly, you have learned that magnetic growth cannot be hurried.