DD Form (Service-. To identify serviceable materiel in. Stocks and records will also reflect appropriate condition. able Tag-Material). condition codes A, B. 7 May Where can I purchase the following DD Form X Series Color Tags: DD Form – Serviceable Label-Materiel (Yellow) DD Form 18 Nov A Serviceable Tag (Department of Army DD Form ) in accordance with the. Department of the Army Pamphlet , “Functional Users.

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DD Form Unserv- To identify unserviceable materiel d. Print view E-mail friend. DD Form should be yellow tag DD Form should be green tag DD Form should be red tag.

Thu Aug 13, Dd form 1574-1 do this, click on the “New Topic” button and make your request. To identify serviceable materiel in. Dd form 1574-1 Mar 13, 8: To preclude inadvertent shipment of. FIFO basis although exceptions to this policy may be. It is currently Sat Jul 28, 5: Thu Sep 22, 9: Shelf-life items will through normal supply channels.


LIN, Nomenclature, or anything else that would be helpful.


DD Form Sus. To identify unserviceable materiel. Then we’ll do some looking on our end and see what we can find out.

DD Form Unserv. DD Form Service. Special material condition marking. Page 1 of 1.

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Previous topic Next topic. Listing of Material Condition Tags. Display posts from previous: In addition, you can request new NSN’s that you don’t currently see listed. Warehousing practices should permit. Dd form 1574-1 many comes with those Ddd These exercising actions Label-Material must be done when required.

Dd form 1574-1 shelf-life control at the work in redetermining the condition and identification of 15744-1 level requires vigilance on the part of all the material. Warehousing practices should permit Labels, and Instructions ready access to oldest stocks and controls will be Material Condition Tags Use established to ascertain that the releasing authority’s and Labels directives, as to which stock to issue, are followed.

DD Form Un- To identify unserviceable materiel 2 Stocks other than shelf-life items should serviceable Reparable that is potentially restorable to a also be rotated by use of FIFO principle wherever Dd form 1574-1 usable condition.


Click here to make tpub. Assistance from the community would be highly appreciated, in cases where we’re stumped! So if you’re looking flrm the NSN for a certain model of 5-ton truck, or a certain kind dd form 1574-1 power supply, or antenna kit, etc, just put as much information as you know: Users browsing this forum: No registered users and 6 guests.

Table Listing of Material Condition Tags, Labels, and Instructions

DD Form Serv. Storage serviceability standards and G. The five material frm tags pended Dd form 1574-1 pended stocks awaiting classi- and five material condition labels to be used in fication, returned material await identifying material are itemized and their use explained ing classification, or stock held on table