Cosmic Christmas is the result of those wonderings. nonprofit ministry of UpWords with your purchase of An Angel’s Story from our online Max Lucado Store. Come along as Lucado takes us on a journey into his imagination-pulling back the curtain as we see what might have taken place on Cosmic Christmas. -Max Lucado From Cosmic Christmas. “Gabriel.” Just the sound of my Kings voice stirred my heart. I left my post at the entryway and stepped into the throne.

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And lmrnanuel will leave behind a tribe of fearless children. No Messiah will come from Your people.

You teach truth, I shadow it. Satan is the energizing power of the unsaved Eph. Through the eyes of the angel Gabriel, Max Lucado spins a speculative tale of what could have occurred in the spiritual world at the time of Jesus’s birth.

The skin on his bands was that of a snake. Seeking relief, he turned toward me.

It will leave Christian believers with another perspective to consider. It came out every Christmas and finally, I sat down and read it in one sitting. Such foul odor could only come from one being. I also have to say I love how compact this book is – it really is a lovely hard copy.


Cosmic Christmas: An Angel’s Story

Lucifer lurked around the room, breathing loudly, searching for words to say and a shadow from which to say them. I should have thought of the possibility that Satan wouldn’t want Jesus born and would try and stop the birth.

Books by Max Lucado. Lucifer stepped forward, his cloak dragging behind him. Nov 08, Christieann17 rated it it was amazing. Sorry Max Lucado fans!

I have reflected much on what happened next. Dec 11, Stephanie rated it it was amazing. Jan 12, Kim Lusardo rated it liked it. But whether or not you see the truth is essential.

Cosmic Christmas by Max Lucado

It was suggested to me by a co-worker who thought I would love it. You are a noble messenger. Scripture, for example, says nothing of a vial containing the essence of Christ, an arch demon named Phlumar, an angel named Sophio, or several of the other characters and events about which you just read.

Dec 01, Esther rated it it was amazing Shelves: I never really thought about what they had to endure before this book. But the Bible does contain page after page showing God giving grace to the scallywags and turncoats of the world. Written from the perspective of Gabriel the angel, Cosmic Christmas, brings the story of Christmas the greatest story ever told Definitely my favorite Christmas book of all time!


A black cassock hung over his skeletal frame, hiding his body and arms and hooding his face. It must be my own upbringing that makes it impossible to view this book purely as a mythological story.

And also use the shield of faith with which you can stop all the burning arrows of the Evil One. I didn’t like the false doctrine that was woven luucado the story.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To my left was the desk on which sat the Book of Life. The sight of his velvet hair and coal-black eyes had far outstripped the beauty of any celestial being.