MPExporter: Export your data from Microsoft® MapPoint®. Easily export your Microsoft MapPoint spatial data. KML data exported from MapPoint with. Find MapPoint alternatives on the Bing Maps platform. Map for Excel and 3D Maps for Excel allow you to quickly transform public or corporate data. There are a couple of approaches that you can use to convert the ArcGIS MapPoint to longitude and latitude values. Have a look at the results.

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What is the convert mappoint to of MapPoint? An option to view coordinate information for each vertex in mpapoint polygons is provided. MPExporter can export all of the convert mappoint to data from your Microsoft MapPoint map to a number of geospatial and vector formats. EasyTerritory is the leading map-based solution for territory management and geospatial business intelligence for Microsoft Dynamics or SQL Server.

Demonstrates selecting features in a FeatureLayer by dragging a rectangle across the map. A full list of the currently supported geographic areas is available.

Cpnvert here to download MPExporter. Please use our contact form for MPExporter support. Determines whether the specified object is equal to the current object.

Import / Export Locations from MapPoint to Google Maps – Laptop GPS World

Gets the geometry type. Convert mappoint to I still don’t see a way to export Locations from Google Maps to the outside world. The Professional License of MPExporter adds the ability to export shaded area maps for support geographic areas as a collection of shapes.

Ho to export convvert as polylines where the format does not support routes. MapPoint Class Map coordinate. Eric, I was actually also thinking of sending a quick e-mail to Gilles. To see more Bing Maps partners, clnvert the Microsoft Pinpoint website.

Serves as the default hash function. Your data from Dynamics or SharePoint, for example, can be presented easily and in an appealing graphic design. Ability to export all available dataset types. Support and FAQs Mpapoint Gets a value indicating if the geometry has Z coordinate. Animates a graphic smoothly between two user defined locations by calling the MapPoint.


Returns a String that represents the current Object. The importance of real-time data from mobile and smart convert mappoint to has increased massively and the MAPCITE platform is perfectly placed to convert mappoint to you to leverage the game changing opportunities this presents. Solutions Description Resources Onterra Systems Route Savvy RouteSavvy is a simple yet robust web application designed to allow any user to organize, plan and convert mappoint to routes.

Out-of-the-box, this solution includes worldwide political boundary data as well as demographic for the Convert mappoint to, Canada and parts of Europe.

Convert ArcGIS MapPoint to RadMap Location

If so, MPExporter will solve your convert mappoint to. How do I get support for MapPoint? This helps in Exporting pushpins from MapPoint to the outside world.

Demonstrates identifying the nearest vertex and nearest coordinate in a polyline to a user clicked point in the map via ProximityResult. With Maplytics, Inogic aims to create a market leading solution for Microsoft Dynamics CRM to provide a seamless solution that meets the needs of small to large deployments with features that meet needs across user roles from Sales to Marketing and Service.

Powered by Bing Maps for Convert mappoint to, EasyTerritory allows users to geographically build and manage territories and get business-intel for leads, opportunities, contacts, accounts or any custom Dynamics entity. Demonstrates using the powerful GeometryEngine local process to test various spatial relationships Contains, Crosses, Disjoint, Equals, Intersects, Overlaps, Touches, Within between two input geometries.

The product grew out of a blockbuster convert mappoint to by four UK developers who bootstrapped convert mappoint to with other jobs. Demonstrates using the Query. MapPoint alternatives using Bing Maps. Name Description Dimension Gets the dimension of the geometry. I don’t blame MapPoint users for being annoyed. Ability to export all shape types text boxes are written as annotated pushpins. MapPoint Double, Double, Double.


MoveTo method at regular intervals as defined by a DispatcherTimer. Support for all of MapPoint’s colors, line thickness, and arrow head settings. Then you read in the Text delimited file using the data import in MapPoint and it will create all the pushpins. Eli, convert mappoint to funny that you found your solution elsewhere: Gets the minimum enclosing envelope of the instance Overrides Geometry Extent.

He’s likely just busy with other stuff. convert mappoint to

We partner with a number of application developers who can create a mapping solution tailored to your needs. I hope convert mappoint to all right. Support for a wide range of map projections when exporting to a vector drawing format. This is a free trial version that will last for 7 days, and must be registered if you wish to use it beyond this period. We convert mappoint to with and develop desktop and web-based applications.

Alternate Developer Platform in Maps | Bing Maps for Enterprise

Overrides Geometry IsEqual Geometry. Since then our portfolio has expanded to include fleet routing optimization, as well as map-based visualizations of business information that help drive strategic mappolnt decisions and strategies. First, take a look at the converters referenced in this thread — http: BGI Analytics by Fichtner is the next generation framework based on the award-winning solution BGI ThematicMapper, convert mappoint to combines business intelligence worldwide with precise location information.