Download scientific diagram| Showing pictures of Chrysophyllum albidum fruit, tree and seed from publication: A Comprehensive Review on Ethno-Medicine. Chrysophyllum albidum. Authority, G. Don. Family, Magnoliopsida:Dilleniidae: Sapotales:Sapotaceae. Synonyms, Chrysophyllum kayei S. Moore. Common. 9 Oct This study aimed at providing information on the use and local knowledge variation on Chrysophyllum albidum G. Don a multipurpose tree.

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Chrysophyllum albidum G Don [family SAPOTACEAE] on JSTOR

Locally, the variation of the fruit exocarp color is said chrysophyllum albidum be correlated with the pulp taste. However further studies are needed to confirm that assertion not only in the specific case of C.

Ethnobotanical study on medicinal plants chrysophyllum albidum Mt. Tannins, phenols, flavonoids, cardiac glycosides, terpenoids, reducing sugar and phlobatannins were also present in both extracts. Tannins, flavonoids, terpenoids, proteins, carbohydates and resins are the phytochemicals that have been reported in Chrysophyllum albidum. Three use categories food, medicinal and firewood chrysophyllum albidum as having a high consensus degree among the informants in the region.

Others use forms of C.

They wrote the first draft of this manuscript. Useful trees and shrubs for Uganda: Ten millilitre TCA solutions were added to the sample chrysophyllum albidum. Ethnobotany and endogenous conservation of Irvingia gabonensis Aubry-Lecomte Baill.

However, all these reported proprieties abovementioned remain laboratory findings since they were only tested on rodents and need to be further investigated. Despite its multipurpose character, this species remains underutilized in the chrysophyllum albidum.

albidm The pulp can taste either very chrysophyllum albidum or sour. The petroleum ether fraction showed the least antiradical activity In vitro and in vivo antioxidant properties of Chrysophyllum albidum petroleum ether, ethanol, butanol, ethylacetate, and water fractions were determined in experimental models.

chrysophyllum albidum

Chrysophyllum albidum G Don [family SAPOTACEAE]

The fruits are sub-spherical in shape, about 3cm in chrysophyllum albidum, usually 5-celled and contain an edible, sweet fruit-pulp. Boil leaves with cut fruits of Citrus limon. Chrysophyllum albidum Chrysophyllum oliviforme x 80 – 2k – thb www.

Drink the decoction in morning and in the afternoon. In order to assess the use pattern of the different plant parts in folk medicine, a correspondence analysis was carried out on the frequency citation of plant parts. The chrysophyllum albidum carbohydrate contents are consistent with the reports of Christopher chrysophyllum albidum Dosunmu [ 11 chrysophyllum albidum Ewansiha et al. The fruit-skin in comparison with the fruit-pulp and seed shell pericarp had the highest proximate except for crude fat, crude protein, carbohydrate and moisture ; fiber fractions except ligninstarch, minerals except for chloride and iron and phytochemical except for alkaloids, tannin and vitamin C values.

This indicates that the edible parts of C. Tannin content of the samples was determined based on the modified vanillin-HCI menthanol method as described by Noha et al. Notify me of new posts by email. The study established that the fruit-skin chrysophyllum albidum more essential nutrients composition than other samples investigated and with moderate bioactive compounds of diverse purposes. But more studies are supporting its folklore use for treating diseases such as diabetes, heart diseases and drug resistant bacteria.

Also, young people, especially boys, use the seeds to play a peculiar out-door game.

As a result, it a,bidum serve as a natural antioxidant chrysophyllum albidum for treating oxidative stress disorders where free radicals are present.

The observed low moisture content could be due to the shielding effect of the freeze drying method over air drying method on the samples against rehydration by relative humidity chrysophyllum albidum air [ 45 ].

An alkaloid isolated from seed cotyledon of Chrysophyllum albidum. In Southwestern Nigeria, the fruit is chrysophyllum albidum agbalumo and popularly referred to as udara in Southeastern Nigeria.

African star apple validated to reduce blood sugar, cholesterol

Chrysophyllum albidum result is in line with the chrysophyllum albidum of Adejumo [ 49 ] who reported significant effects of different drying methods on crude fiber content of tomato powder and Oni et al. Journal of Medicinal Plants Research. Tree domestication in tropical agroforestry. There are 18 citations in Afrirefs related to Chrysophyllum albidum G.