– The launch of the new Beta Utensili catalogue . Soluzioni espositiveper il punto vendita. Display solutionsfor sales points. INSULATED TOOLS. Beta Utensiliâ€&#x;s insulated tools are meant to guarantee installation and electrical maintenance menâ€&# x Scopri i migliori prodotti Beta Tools della categoria Wire rope accessories. I prodotti Beta Tools sono realizzati grazie alle tecnologie più avanzate per garantire.

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Lifting eyebolts and eye nuts. Combination wrenches Slogging wrenches Swivel end sockets Bi-hex wrenches Ratchet wrenches Flare nut open ring wrenches Pin and hook wrenches Adjustable wrenches Tubular and socket wrenches T-handle socket wrenches and T-handle swivelling wrenches.

Measuring and marking tools. For mechanics, industrial maintenance and car repair professionals as well as for anybody whose hobby is much more than just a diversion. Safety footwear and technical socks. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.

Certification Request

Miscellaneous and special items. Display solutions – Empty displays. Other maintenance tools Bolt cutters and pincers Shears Screw clamps Vices Pickup tools and inspection mirrors Scrapers and 20133 Files Hacksaws Riveting pliers Oil cans and grease guns Scissors Heat guns and accessories Knives Flash lights, lamps and cable reels.

Verniers Micrometers and bases Dial indicators and bases Squares Protractors and bevel protractors Callipers Graduated rules Measuring catqlogo and folding rules Spirit levels Precision levels Screw pitch gauges and feeler gauges Engineer’s scribers. Torque wrenches and multipliers. Drilling and threading tools.

Polywelders and heating plates Gas soldering irons Pipe cutters Tube expanding pliers and tube flaring tools Pipe wrenches Pipe benders Special tools. Turnbuckles and loose parts Wire rope clips and thimbles Shackles Lifting eyebolts and eye nuts Eye hooks Miscellaneous and special items Webslings and ratchet tie downs Stainless steel items Fixing accessories. Male end wrenches Drivers with handles Bits and bit holders Nut spinners with handles T-handle wrenches with male ends Easy screwdrivers Offset screwdrivers Bets with steel heads Screwholding screwdrivers BetaGrip Screwdrivers Screwdrivers with interchangeable blades BetaMax screwdrivers.


Contacts 92 Budapeshta str. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Caatalogo products proved so successful as to get the company to invest, inin a new factory in Sulmona AQto manufacture them and allow the quality standard of each manufactured lot to be checked. Utensiil and sports Motorcycle racing team sponsorship Photo archive. Ebta with the highest quality standards allowed the production unit in Sulmona to obtain ISO certification in Portable tool chests and mobile roller cabs Loose assortments Tool chests, bags and cases Tool trays and assortments Trolleys Tool cabinets Work benches Roller cab and tool cabinet assortments Workshop Equipment.

Punches Chisels Engineer’s hammers Special hammers Carpenter’s hammers Lump and sledge hammers Plastic and copper head hammers Masonry chisels and points.

Beta Tools

Home Products Containers and assortments. Twist drills with cylindrical shanks Conical and special drill bits and mills Taps and tap wrenches Dies and die stocks Hole saws and cutters Taps and dies assortments. Retailers Departments Find a dealer Cookie policy. Webslings and ratchet tie downs. Home Beta Catalog JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.


Advantages Delivery for 48 h Free Delivery. Torque wrenches and multipliers. You must have JavaScript enabled in catqlogo browser to utilize the functionality of this website.

Cutting nippers Precision screwdrivers Soldering irons and soldering stations Spring tweezers Pliers Special tools. Pullers for damaged screws and stud bolts Two-leg pullers Three-leg pullers Pullers for separators and separators Expansion pullers for interiors Special pullers Hydraulic pullers Hydraulic presses.

Screwdrivers, male-end wrenches and bits. Torque multipliers Torque screwdrivers Dial and electronic torque wrenches Protractors Torque wrenches Torque bars and accessories Torque meters. Products no longer in pricelist. Display solutions – Assortments.

Other tools, insulated V Screwdrivers, insulated V Pliers, insulated V Cable cutters Crimping pliers and terminals Pliers utensill collars and collars Scissors Wire stripping pliers Cable stripping tools Digital multimeters. Special packaging for your free-service sales. Since the factory was started, we have been relying on the best, ever-growing manufacturing technologyand now distribute the over 1, items through a dedicated sales network.

Turnbuckles and loose parts. Cutting and general maintenance tools.

Beta Tools Catalog

Home Products Wire rope accessories. Wire rope clips and thimbles. Screwdrivers, male-end wrenches and bits. Measuring and marking tools. Drilling and catqlogo tools. Safety footwear and technical socks. Departments Find a dealer.

Product was successfully added to your shopping cart. We currently reach numerous users in international markets and satisfy their requirements, thereby allowing the brand Robur to stand out in the lifting equipment industry.