A few months ago, I read Tom Kapinos’ pilot for Californication and fell in love with the energy and the characters. It also hit home a bit for me. Californication Pilot Episode TV Script Autographed: David Duchovny, Natascha McElhone, Madeleine Martin, Evan Handler, Madeline Zima. Quotes from Episode1 – Pilot. Hank Moody (David Duchovny) is a man in his 40s struggling with a mid-life crisis. He is still in love with his ex-girlfriend, Karen.

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Dirty Sexy Money aka The Darlings. So I’m battling some low self-esteem.

Californication (TV series)

You’re so lucky that I don’t take away the little custody you do have. Looks like a fun game. I swear I called the house, I talked to your mother. Pretty Little Picture DailyScript script in pdf format imdb. Says the girl with her finger in the dyke.

Forget, ’cause you know who I am. Peanut, I can’t but, you know, enjoy your daddy time. I did not cheated on you. Honey trust californication pilot script, getting your asshole bleached would be much more fun. I’m fucked up right now and I I need help. You don’t wanna be that guy. Botched Makeover Rob Thomas script in californication pilot script format imdb Cupid: Californication pilot script the fuck is that? Are you still feeling cute?


Sorry, you know, my apologies, I fucked up again I apologize. I know that look.

Best of luck in all your future endeavors. How do you know that? Californication pilot script way, I’m easy. You and me, we had women that loved us for who we were, really loved us for who we were, and we fucked it up. No, that’s, see, that’s where you’re wrong and the writers write.

Can I ask you something? Californication pilot script handled the fuck out of that shit. Can I ask you a question? Me Not so much, nothing. Something in the Air. I have a 3-month free sub because I cxlifornication installed the dish. And what would be the ultimate manifestation of such a fetish?

Californication Pilot Episode TV Script David Duchovny | Pinterest | David duchovny

Stay away from musicians. Not the best time, no. Your father was middle-management white collar executive.

I wish we could take him with us. You have no idea. Do you think she’s okay? Well I do recognize you Yeah, sure I do from your book. Slam Dunk Dead Well it’s all kinda the same thing, isn’t it? I should probably study it further and make californication pilot script real meal out of californication pilot script a lesson.

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I don’t care if I am at the movie theater What the fuck, man! She is 12 years old.

Season1 – Californication Quotes

Depp I don’t californication pilot script I have any sushi takeout, I got the house of Chow. Okay, hold on a second here, folks.

And what did you think? Why the fuck would you do something like that? To each his own! And you know what? Lovely, thank you for that image. I’m having what you might call a crisis californication pilot script faith.


But what you really califoornication is if I manage to get outta here californication pilot script the next 15 mins I can still make it at home in time to watch Californication pilot script Next Top Model, which I have tivoed, I swear to god!

Which was subsequently turned into a movie called “A crazy little thing called love”. The Anatomy of Marriage. What happened to your eye? And I’ll save you.