Buddhadasa Bhikkhu (Servant of the Buddha) went forth as a bhikkhu (Buddhist monk) in , at the age of twenty. After a few years of study in Bangkok, which . THE VENERABLE Buddhadasa Bhikkhu, who passed away at the age of eighty- seven on July 8, , was perhaps the best-known and most controversial Thai . Ajahn Buddhadasa (–93) is perhaps the most influential Buddhist teacher in the history of Thailand. In he founded Suan.

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He believed that human beings too can learn to live in a cooperative way with the forests, fields, and other natural environments.

Today, I would like to talk with you concerning the question: I am the servant of the Buddha, and the Buddha is my master. This use was initially criticized and then praised. Selected Essays of Bhikkhu Buddhadasa.

You should observe that all the forms and types of dukkha have a quality of prison about them Commonly Misunderstood Buddhist Principles series 1. It now functions under the name “Daun Kiam” or Suan Atammayatarama.


People chose the work they wanted to do and he advised them on how to go about it as Dhamma practice. He was ordained at the age of twenty in and was given the ordination name Indapanno Wisdom of Indraand byhe had followed his inclinations to be closer to the forest and established Suan Mokkhabalarama The Grove of the Power of Liberation near his hometown of Phum Riang now in Chaiya, Suratthani.

Since the ‘s, activists and thinkers in areas such as education, ecology, social welfare, traditonal medicine, and rural development have drawn upon his teaching and advice. Buddhadasa explains paticcasamupadda as the “birth” of “I” and mine through sense-contact with objects, and the resulting vedana “feeling”tanha “thirst,” craving and upadana clinging.

Buddhadasa Bhikkhu – eBooks PDF

His goal was to produce a complete set of reference materials for present and future research and practice. Messages from Suan Mokkh series 2. Wherever the conditions and signs of prison exist, right there is dukkha.


Buddhaasa the founding of Suan Mokkh, he studied all schools of Buddhism, as well as the other major religious traditions. In an interconnected world, individual responsibility is emphasized over individual rights and is as responsible to the collective as to oneself. He was born Nguam Phanit Thai: In the forest, plants, animals, bugs, and germs are all doing their parts cooperatively to sustain the forest.

Because of his prestige, he was in little danger of being killed. According to legend, the King of Thailand once wrote a memo to Buddhadasa Bhikkhu asking permission to visit Suan Mokkh. Soldiers raped female students, buddhadasz high school students, with bayonets and rifles. However, his personal practice was very much grounded in advanced research and interpretation of early Pali texts on the one hand and on his radical private experimentation on the other.

Since the ‘s, activists and thinkers in areas such as education, ecology, social welfare, and rural development have drawn upon his teaching and advice.

Ajahn Buddhadasa Indapanno – Suan Mokkh

Retrieved from ” https: A single bowl of sauce: I believe that the subject will be especially beneficial because I will discuss two things at the same time. This notion of socialism arises from the core perspective that Dhamma is nature and nature is Dhamma — inseparably.

He also left instructions for a small monastery in which foreign buxdhadasa may train as Dhamma-duta Dhamma missionaries. The meaning of the Six Disas ,” “Agridhamma: Thus, he lived immersed in natural surroundings and developed a place for others to do the same. At that time, it was the only forest Dhamma Center and one of the few places dedicated to vipassana meditation in Southern Thailand.

Buddhadasa Bhikkhu and His Practice of Dhammic Socialism

Doctoral dissertations are still being written about him and his legacy. Buddhadasa renounced civilian life in A Dhamma talk to monks ordained for the Rains Retreat given on 4 th October For many decades, we have lived with the massive danger of the dozens of thousands of nuclear warheads and delivery vehicles stockpiled by the different sides.


TheravadaMaha Nikaya. However, Buddhadasa was skeptical of his fame; when reflecting on the busloads of visitors to Suan Mokkh he would say, “sometimes I think many of these bhikkhuu just stop here because they buddhadada to visit the bathroom. Buddhadasa, states John Powers — a professor of Asian Studies and Buddhism, offered budchadasa “rationalist interpretation” and called “the whole question of rebirth to be foolish”.

Dhammic Socialism can only be effective if people are willing to live simply. While nobody really knows how many warheads have been bufdhadasa by the various nuclear states, who cannot be trusted to be honest about such things, a few thousand of them are more than enough to destroy the world many times over This addition to Suan Mokkh is intended to provide facilities hhikkhu Most of the monks involved in nature conservation and community development were inspired by him.

Word of Buddhadasa Bhikkhu, his work, and Suan Mokkh spread over the years so that they are easily described as “one of the most influential events of Buddhist history in Siam. He also left instructions for a small monastery in which foreign monks may train as Dhamma-duta Dhamma missionaries.

To convert or not to convert is a meaningless issue From the earliest period of his religious studies, Buddhadasa utilized a comparative approach and sought to be able to explain “Buddhist’s teachings through other thought systems such as Taoism, Hinduism, Confucianism, Jainism and Natural Science.