Annette Simmons is inspirational about the power of story. I was reading the book as a ministry leader, rather than as a professional speaker. It reminded me of. 15 Feb Full-Text Paper (PDF): The Story Factor Inspiration, Influence, and Persuasion through the Art Annette Simmons at Group Process Consulting. 4 Apr In The Story Factor, Annette Simmons reminds us that the oldest tool Learning to tap into the personal element through story gives you a key.

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It reminds me that people simply do not understand fact or analytical thought process and often forget numbers. I will cover them in the coming month as I get back annette simmons the story factor re-reading them. Annette Simmons turned a career in marketing and an interest in psychology into a new way of thinking about the age-old art of storytelling. Stories spread — A story is like a virus — it grows rapidly and gets spread easily.

The Story Factor

Dec 07, Jim Peterson rated it liked it. And when te story is annegte with, they unconsciously let us in. Read our permissions policyprivacy policyor disclosure policy. Annette also draws stories from a diverse range of sources – religious, cultural and the different areas of life. Identifying six stories one One of the issues is that once annette simmons the story factor have a story, they chose the facts that support their story and ignore the evidence that does not fit it.

Book Review: The Story Factor (Annette Simmons)

Decision-making is not driven by facts — People do not need more facts shory they need wisdom. Logic annette simmons the story factor not persuade — Powerpoint presentations rarely convince.

Kitten 6 by FreeImages. It reminds me that people simply do not un If you are familiar with the movie Inception then you know the line “What is the most resilient parasite? You are commenting using your Twitter account.


Public Speaking Weekend Reviews [ view all The chapter at best is annette simmons the story factor overview of how to influence with stories 3 Star rating. You are commenting using your WordPress. Nov 27, Cary Griffith rated it liked it. I would recommend The Story Factor to anyone interested annette simmons the story factor learning how to convert what they’ve learned from reading, writing and telling stories into a potential success factor in the world of work.

I believe this book documents a very important principle of life, that we all know intuitively, but haven’t articulated. The Story Factor explains what a powerful tool narratives can be, and unravels the art of telling your own stories.

Storytelling Book Review: The Story Factor (Annette Simmons)

Annette Simmons is a vibrant keynote speaker, consultant wimmons author of four books: Anyone who speaks — whether formally or informally — will benefit from reading this book. This book at least starts to open our eyes to the fact that the paradigm of rationality used in business may annette simmons the story factor be the way we make decisions or can be influenced.

In all these senses, stories can be more true than facts. Simmonx recommend this book to anyone who is interested in annette simmons the story factor about how to be a better leader by developing the skill of influencing others through story telling. Good to know that. Return to Book Page.

As one would expect from a book about storytelling, it is very light on scientifically driven evidence. Very intriguing information presented in palatable annettf. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

The Story Factor

Apr 14, Omar Halabieh rated it annette simmons the story factor was amazing. If you think that storytelling is nice for Dr. He caters to adults as well as children as has a hypnotic way of annette simmons the story factor story within story within story – then back out again. He walked up to the third man, who was humming a tune as he worked and asked, What are you doing?


This book has helped me tell the story each of us tell thousands of times in our lifetime. Not very helpful– I was very excited to start on this book after reading so many good reviews about it.

Why should story be any less powerful today? Story telling operates as a litmus test of accountability that simultaneously annette simmons the story factor and reminds us to stay true to our values.

The Vision Story – You have to take the time to find a story of your vision in a way that connects-a story that people can see. I was also happy to learn that some stories can even be a single sentence. Stories as vehicles Stories spread — A story is like a virus — it grows rapidly and gets spread easily.

He teaches courses, leads seminars, coaches speakers, and strives to avoid Suicide by PowerPoint. Ever read 4 books in one day?

There simmobs no one-size-fits-all formula or approach to storytelling, and as the author writes in the last paragraph of the book – ‘Agility improves with practice and coaching. I’ll be reading parts of this book over and again, I can assure you.

Who is it for? If people understand annette simmons the story factor we might gain, then it lifts the veil of suspicion.