Hear a recording of the complete “Rudimental Ritual” played by Alan Dawson in the Members Only section of the PAS Website (). The Rudimental. 27 Jul The Alan Dawson Rudimental Ritual has changed my life. Not only has it taught me so much about drumming, but it’s also taught me about. 17 Mar David Stanoch, a former student of Alan Dawson, expands on The Rudimental Ritual with an assortment of foot ostinatos.

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First I thought it would take me years to play this. Learning to play the whole ritual alan dawson rudimental ritual me a while – several weeks probably months of a 90 minute drive to Lexington each week and constant practicing in between. Download some free software like Audacity, then slow down Alan Dawson’s recording of it on John Ramsay’s CD by various degrees really slowed down, a little bit less alan dawson rudimental ritual down.

It’s adding the foot pattern that has slowed me down. More on that in a moment. Keep in mind that Examples 1 alan dawson rudimental ritual 2 probably sound best when applied to tempos beginning around bpm and faster, while Examples 3 and 4 sound good at tempos ranging from slow to, well Make sure that when you’ve got the hands worked out that you add in the foot pattern.


Don’t cheat yourself by ignoring it. What’s the right sticking??? What it does do is get me used to going over the bar line.

The Drum Blog: Alan Dawson’s Rudimental Ritual in 5/4

Then it’ll seem short. Increased mastery over up, down and full strokes will dqwson help in your navigating through the ritual, will make it feel much more natural as you alan dawson rudimental ritual alternate stickings and will also increase the fun factor!

I have been doing it for a couple months off and on, and find Its something best done consistantly. I’ve tried to get it more than once Alan dawson rudimental ritual probably stay at bpm for a while before bumping up the tempo. Become a better drummer. This is what you should strive for. Search this Thread Advanced Search.

I have enough trouble doing it with sticks!

Send a private message to The Colonel. Last edited by paramac; at Here’s a couple more options definitely worth exploring. It took about months to poorly play the Ritual entirely and about 1 year to play it decently.


Hybrid Rudimental Ritual

Originally Posted by THit. Modern rudimental and drumset players use these hybrid stickings to expand their vocabulary and refine their control. Buenos Aires, Argentina Posts: Don’t rush the learning process! Then I posted all alan dawson rudimental ritual pages on the wall, reading along the whole shabang nonstop over and over.

Its a challenge but a good one. What I will focus on here is what you can do with the Ritual once you’ve mastered it in its original form. The Ritual will challenge you to your core and test your stamina.

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Find all posts by The Colonel. Later alan dawson rudimental ritual this series I will also focus on inflections you can apply to the Ritual and these ostinatos to enhance a particular stylistic direction.

It’s the alternating paradiddle-diddle starting with a ruff. Originally Posted by The Colonel.