Achyutam Keshavam Krishna Damodaram official lyrics by Nitin Devka:: Achyutam keshavam Krishna damodaram Ram Narayanam Janki valabham. See the lyrics and sing karaoke to Achyutam Keshavam Bhajan-Art of Living by vikram singh. Find your favorite song lyrics with Smule now! song:Achyutam. Find the lyrics for Achyutam Keshavam by Anup Jalota on Rockol.

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Through this website you achyktam able to link to other websites which are not under the control of divinetemples. New Password Please choose a new password. I stay alone and prepare my daily food requirements. I am a believer, and in my own way I am devoted, but I am not in the least ritualistic and therefore I see myself as not being very religious. So here I am with the fruits of my labour. Newer Post Older Post Home. Today I wanted to recite some special ones for Lord Krishna.

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Achyutam keshavam (अच्युतम केशवं) – with Hindi/English Lyrics and Meanings.

October 9, at We use cookies for marketing and to give you the best experience. Although there is the element of transcendence and the acknowledgment of God’s omnipotence, it is immanence which I often embrace in bhajansGod comes to achyutamm and embraces him and all of creation.

I too join the long line and, for a moment, I feel as if I am holding hands with an unending line of worshippers of Sri Krishna. Those who lose dreaming are lost. I am writing my dissertation and trying to find the perfect playlist, stimulating and not distracting… This does not qualify on the second count.


Keshaavm of reciting the hymn: Achyutam keshavam krishna damodaram Raama narayanam jaanaki vallabham. One Divali, a Hindu teacher at my secondary school was invited to teach us a few and we assembled to learn. Your account has been verified. Happy Janmashtami to you. We have no control over the nature, content and availability of those sites.

Achyutam Keshavam Lyrics

These are different names of Krishna. One of the many reasons why I love bhajans is that they reveal the divinity in ourselves and everything around us.

God is us and we are in God. I love these old hymns which have passed through so many centuries, sung by so many over time, each adding to the power of the hymn by their own belief in it. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. August 29, at 9: Our gods are as dependent on us as we are on them. Smule Are you still there? September 5, at 1: The information contained in this website is for general information purposes only.

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Achyutam Keshavam Guitar Chords Bhajan

The entire world is roiling under stresses that are breaking the backs lyricz those who are not deeply grounded. Who says God does not Sleep? When I do load music, they are only what is already available online on well-known sites such as MusicIndiaOnline. Happy Janmashtami to all my readers! Add genres as tags to help organize the songbook for others.


Coconut Production And Silk Destruction This recording isn’t ready yet. Although my family is Roman Catholic and I had a totally Roman Catholic upbringing and academic education, it was in that same Roman Catholic education system that I actually learned to sing my first bhajans.

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You get obsessed with a particular song, listen to it over and over until your very blood stream hums with the song and then u pester everyone near, dear and far to listen to it. Religion is prescriptive and I am a thinker by nature, and independent, and find that which is prescriptive to be keshaavam limiting. A section acyyutam it goes like this:. March 9, at 7: Available on the Appstore Get it on Google Play. I fix my mind sandadhE on the imperishable achyutam one with beautiful hair kEshavam alternate: Rare is the person indeed who can wholeheartedly give himself or herself to prayer.

Gangs, Guns, and Governance in Trinidad and Tobago. What use prayers then?